Laptop Computer Battery Guide

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 Laptop Computer Battery Guide

Today a laptop computer battery has to contend with mega-programs and huge databases sucking the life out of even the newest laptops. The need for speed on the road has never been more apparent. But powerful processors, high-end optical drives, and accessories come with a price that goes beyond the increased price tag---less laptop computer battery life. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your laptop battery.

 Buy Smart

The first step is to get power-friendly laptop. A mid-range performer uses less power and provides longer runtimes. How you equip your laptop does matter. It's a well kept secret that the more memory you stock the system with the less power it will use. The fewer times a laptop has to go out of memory to grab data or instructions from the hard drive, the lighter the load on the laptop battery.

If you're looking for the longest-lasting setup, there's nothing like Intel's Pentium M processor. Running at a top speed of 1.7GHz, it's about 50 percent slower than Pentium 4-M models, but through a variety of cutting-edge techniques it can yield about 20 percent more performance, as well as an extra hour or two of laptop battery life. Descubre las maravillas del mundo donde puedes viajar y hacer turismo Maravillas del mundo

 Break In A New Laptop Battery Gradually

There's no better way to reduce the capacity and life of a laptop battery than to rush it into use. To get the most out of a new laptop battery, forget about using it immediately. Instead, slowly break your battery in with at least one uninterrupted eight-hour charge. Before using your laptop away from an outlet for the first time, give the laptop battery three complete discharge/recharge cycles to make it road-ready.

 Laptop Computer Battery Screen Saving

Many experts agree that a laptop's LCD can deplete as much as 30 percent of your laptop battery life. So try lowering the screen brightness to a point that is tolerable but not excessively bright.

Most laptops use a function key for increasing or decreasing a screens brightness level. Some vendors have built this feature into their power conservation software. Setting your laptops brightness to its medium setting is a great start on conserving the life of your laptop battery. Also, if you're going to listen to music during downtime, turn the screen off. You don't need the screen to hear an audio CD, MP3s, or Internet radio.



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