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Best Business Notebooks Best Business Notebooks

The best business notebooks aren't the smallest, fastest, or cheapest laptops available. But they do account for the majority of portable laptops sold in this country, thanks to the right mix of portability, features, speed, and price. Cutting-edge technologies that debuted in the past two years - namely dual-core processors and embedded wireless broadband - have made this class of machine even more desirable. Now some models even sport widescreen displays previously found only on multimedia and gaming laptops.

Even with such advances, the basics of a business-class notebook remain intact. First and foremost, you'll find security features like TPM chips, fingerprint readers, and hard drive protection. Full-sized keyboards and 14- to 15-inch screens comfortable enough for all-day use are standard, all in an easily portable five- to six-pound package. For corporate buyers, most tier-one and tier-two PC makers promise a stable platform on which you can standardize for 18 months or more, as well as add-ons (bay devices, docking stations, and AC adapters) that are common across several models, so your IT department can more easily stock spares.

Dell Latitude Dell Latitude D620

The Dell Latitude 0620 delivers the perfect blend of cutting-edge features and traditional business appeal. While other makers have stuck with a 4:3 aspect ratio-screen in this class, Dell went out on a limb and designed a 14.1-inch 16:9 widescreen. The panel gives you more screen area than the traditional squarish display and greater convenience on an airplane tray table (and it provides better movie watching).

Then Dell engineered not one but your choice of two wireless broadband solutions: EV-DO (Verizon Wireless) or HSDPA (Cingular Wireless). This lets multinational corporations standardize on the 3G wireless solution that best suits the entire organization, not only U.S.-based workers. Add in a high-performance 1.83-GHz Intel Core Duo T2400 processor and a host of security and durability features, and it becomes clear why the five-pound Latitude 0620 is the best choice for road warriors.

Fujitsu Life Book Fujitsu Life Book 7110

With the new LifeBook S7110, Fujitsu has addressed some important issues. This 4.5-pound wonder features a beautiful 14.1-inch SXGA+ display, a 1.83-GHz Intel Core Duo processor, and a generous 80GB hard drive. For security freaks, there's an embedded fingerprint reader as well as the Computrace BIOS persistence module: A tamper-resistant BIOS-level module that (when used with the Absolute Computrace service) can help companies track their assets and recover a stolen notebook. Durability is also improved with a spill-resistant keyboard and shock-mounted hard drive. Seguro de Vida Cantabria Vidatar – Seguros de coches, seguros de hogar, seguros de vida

Lenovo ThinkPad Lenovo ThinkPad T60

To many business travelers, a T-series notebook is as essential a traveling companion as their airline club membership card - they don't leave home without it. The 5.4-pound ThinkPad T60 looks and feels much like past models, but the all-new machine boasts major improvements.

You'll find dual-core processors and embedded wireless broadband (EV-DO), as well as a fingerprint reader, dual pointing devices, a hard-drive protection system, plus a magnesium-alloy inner cage protecting the machine's vitals. You will appreciate the handy ThinkVantage Productivity Center, which makes connectivity, support, backup, and other utilities accessible with a single button push.

This 5.4-pound notebook is the closest to sexy in a sea of bland business systems. The glossy paint job would look just as good on an Audi, and the 14.1-inch glossy widescreen panel for comfortably working (or watching movies) on the plane is exceptional.

For a very reasonable price, you get a 1.66-GHz Intel Core Solo processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 60GB hard drive, plus a DVD burner. Security features include a fingerprint reader, TPM 1.2, and an accelerometer that protects the hard drive in case of a fall.

 Laptop Computer Tips

If you don't require the power of a desktop replacement or the portability of a thin-and-light system, consider a standard laptop. These systems usually feature 15.4-inch displays and weigh somewhere between six and seven pounds, light enough for occasional travel, but a little burdensome on long hauls.

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Best Business Notebooks -

The best business notebooks aren't the smallest, fastest, or cheapest laptops available. But they do account for the majority of portable laptops sold in this





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