Best Tablet for Animation Drawing

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Best Tablet for Animation DrawingDigital art and animation have been around us since long years. But if you beginner it’s difficult to found around the best tablet for animation drawing. Animation process requires a large space, expensive machines to handle the drawing and animation. Well are you also looking tablets for animation or drawing, then your preference here? In this post I will discuss each and everything for start to end how to buy best tablets online? What should the qualities of animation tablet?

I have personally reviewed the top tablet for animation drawing, and now we have small tablets. Theses tablet’s allows every individual to the advantage of technology to express their skills on it. I will show you top tablets even don’t need any office, just require a tablet, desk and put your imagination on it and enjoy.   I have picked my favorite drawing tablets that is easy to use or start their imagination with digital art and design. Moreover use of these tablets is good for professionals, beginner and intermediate to start projects, from the comfort.

First interest of any digital animator worth should be the power of owning a good animation tablet. Good animation tablet helps to ease to perform manual task by simplifying the animation process. Unlike the couples of years there was innovative technology that helped to empowered artists to express their imagination or to create it more efficiently and effectively. Now, the technology is advanced, a good imagination focus on just to pick-up a best tablet for animation drawing.

Best Tablet For Animation Drawing – Buyers Guide

Make sure not every tablet is easy to use, designed for animation. As an animator you have to try to decide on which tablets suits on you. Your imagination is totally depending on best tablet to do animation, and to accomplish as well as your skills. While you are buying a tablet for imagination or drawing purpose take a full review or choose best which is better to start. You don’t need to go any anywhere as I have a wonderful collection of best tablet for animation students. You have to just read each product one by one and choose which you like most for work, or you can easily express animation task you need.

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Hence, if you are someone, an artist, or imaginative who’s looking for imagination tablet’s. Don’t go anywhere you choice is here, it’s would be never been a better time for you. The tablets that I have reviewed and offer today allow precise control over each task and you can produce exactly, what you want? I have made my proper research and review a number of drawing and imagination tablets where intention is to cover tablet’s size, styles, portability, operating system and much more. You are also sure tablet’s for someone who’s looking to find that’s fit your need and budget. Let’s go on with, and enjoy!

1. Apple iPad Pro 11”best tablet for animation students

If you are already iPad user but, now you have to in search of buy best tablet for animation. If you are new beginner or intermediate user of animation, you may probably not know about Apple iPad pro 11’. The use of iPad pro 11’ might surprise you.  Let’s have a look! What are the features and benefits you will get?

The new iPad 11’ looks attractive, expensive and recall the iPhones 5 or you may feel stylish in your hand. The iPad pro combines huge screen, give a look of laptop-caliber and release excellent effect on its user. If you may probably looking for best tablet for animation software at the 11-inch iPad pro then Apple iPad pro 11” is best choice for you. Moreover, iPad offers no any compromises on battery life or app support. The 11-inch iPad pro provide a beautiful screen starts at $799 for the Wi-Fi model with 64GB of RAM.

The aluminum screen is fantastic to hold on as compared to previous model iPad pro design that was just look right.  Moreover, iPad covers smart keyboard that cost at $179 is quite expensive. Just like the keyboard iPad also provide Apple pencil at $129 that may called 2nd generation Apple pencil. Both keyboard and Apple pencil are expensive but, necessary for animation or drawing experience.

IPad also have good battery life that lasts longer than other tablets. Battery drained after charge in 13 hours and 15 minutes that is enough. With more than 13 hours battery life, speedy processor, a big screen and best Android blush is ideal choice for you.  The iPad is best choice for content, imagination and drawing creator with 4 out of 5 reviews. IPad pro is stunning tablet, I personally lover it’s design and features. And you may really fall in love quclikey get the used to things like face ID and the interface gestures. Spaces and performance are also outstanding to use.

Final Thoughts? If you are professional in imagination or want to drawing, then Apple iPad pro 11” is secondary mobile device to get your work done. Not only this, iPad is brilliant alternative of heavy laptops to perform video editing, sketching, sound editing, work on office documents’ or more.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Fantastic display
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Speedy Performance
  • Excellent Speakers

  • Beautiful display

  • Incredibly powerful

  • Fast Processor

  • 10 Hours of battery life

  • 4K video Recording

  • Pen and Keyboard demand separately price

  • Expensive

  • Still Limited in Multi-tasking

  • No HDR capability in screen

2. Wacom Intuos Draw – Perfect for Beginning Digital Artists

best tablet for animation software

Wacom Intuos Draw is the best beginner animation tablets in the market with great reviews. You cannot get such a product that is known as leader of graphics tablets. Wacom Intuos is perfect choice for someone who just starting in graphic art.

You may fall in love use of Draw pack, a beginner-friendly tablet with pressure sensitive pen, or connectable to both Mac and PC easily. I will recommend these products to people who are strictly on a budget or also for who would like to experience for drawing and animation creative.

It comes in two sizes either you can buy large or small both tablet’s are thinner and lighter than predecessor, or occupies less space on your desk. It had been numbers of years, I never used a tablet for photo editing, or for animation learners it’s a best choice.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is well-suited for animation project, a medium sized, and look attractive or small. If you do a lot of editing, to do work on laptop, computer or tracked not comfortable, it can be incredibly frustrating to adjustment.

Final Thoughts? While you are finding low-cost graphic tablet’s the Wacom Intuos Draw best one for what you’d to pay? Professionals of animation and drawings must use this, as well as best choice for amateur artist and photo enthusiasts.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Perfect tablet for beginners
  • Comes with pressure sensitive pen
  • Free Draw-pack Kit included
  • Connectable to both Mac and PC easily
  • Excellent for beginners

  • Affordable price

  • Lightweight

  • Pressure Sensitive pen

  • Perfect for early artist

  • Free Drawing Pack included

  • Unreliable Connection occurs sometimes

  • Connectivity between tablet and PC comes to be questionable sometimes

3. Apple iPad Pro 12.9”best tablet for drawing and animation

Like Apple products are now on trends, the iPad Pro 12.9” is the next generation for graphic artist design. The massive storage space allows you download any design or animation applications. IPad pro 12.9 “comes in best tablet for animation cheap, or it have all the capabilities’ of an iPad.

This latest models comes in three generation size, all the from start from 64GB to a terabyte. It has curved-corner display of 2732 x 2048 pixels, having 12.9 inch liquid retina display. It’s also support USB-C connector for charging and other accessories, and still lasts up to 10 hours of day.  A12X is one of most important feature of Apple iPad pro 12.9, known as Bionic Chip used to up to date, and done all performance shows to it.

In 2019, iPad pro 12.9” was famous as the name of big daddy design tablets. Why? Because this one is most trending model in today’s market.  It provides all the features, which good tablets should have? Or need of every buyer.  It offers ultimate design tool, excellent battery life, impressively low weight or ability to perform function on daily device with highest possible quality. This new iPad pro closest to being professional designer who use it on daily basis. I personally review this new generation model, and in short this is perfect, lighter, and faster and batter for intermediate and professional animation.

Moreover if you are home-based computer workstation, then Apple iPad Pro 12.9” is an ideal replacement for professional animator or designer. In last, the combination of high-functionality and great performance this one is great tool for all around. All above the user experience and capabilities outstanding and much better than other tablet’s on this list. But one thing is strange here, it is quite expensive! If you have a cash and ready to pay it, do yourself favor to get one and enjoy.

Final Thoughts?  Are you looking for best graphic tablet for animation? Apple iPad Pro 12.9” is great choice for professional graphic designer. This tablet’s also suits to someone who wants to pay cash in return of get good device for animation work. This is new & trendy model that is quite expensive but comes in top-end of variety with whole bunch of features and tech.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Best display tablet
  • Enabled Wi-Fi
  • 10 –hours of battery life
  • Comes with usual iPad Bonuses
  • Up to 1TB storage

  • Large but portable

  • Bunch of high-end features and tech

  • The digitizer and tablet sing in harmony

  • Much easier to handle than Pc and other tablets

  • Unreliable warranty

  • Price Issue

  • Quite expensive

4. Simbans PicassoTab Tablet

best tablet for animation cheap

Are you looking for all-in one tablet to perform a lot of works on it? Well the Simbans PicassoTab is a versatile tablet that allows you to draw, watch movies, design, and animations creativity. This is best choice for someone who wants to get in touch as a regular tablet or draw animation design.

Most of important you will enjoy; it allows large capacity to store data, images and videos. For Animation or graphic designer it’s provide open source to use google app store to design application you need.

The use of Simbans PicassoTab s not, simply a graphic design tablet, but also used as general purpose for daily use. This tablet comes in very cheap price or it delivers most reliable experience to professional and intermediate animation designer. I have ones reviewed above all, and I like one thing, tablet supports heavy apps that re equivalently useful for graphic designer and buyers of its are getting better results. If you want to start animation digitally, then it will better choice for investment.

Simbans PicassoTab is most affordable tablets that comes with pen and pre-installed apps. The tablet is comfort for students who want to draw pictures or take notes with help of Autodesk Sketchbook app. Moreover, it has 10-inch display screen, high-quality tablet case, universal power adapter and pre-installed screen protector. The quad-core processor allows performing multitasking abilities. The IPS HD crystal display make picture clear and the 32GB disk allows installing thousands of free apps from google store. The use of this tablet’s is totally peace of your mind as well as it’s quality comes with 1-year back guaranty.

Final Thoughts?  The tablet is perfect for students, graphic designer. However, if you are looking for best beginner drawing tablet for animation and can easily be glanced over in large interest. This would be better time to investments, looking at the best price tag that’s providing a lot of functionality features.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Versatile tablet
  • Perfect used as general tablets
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Connectable device to the Google Play store
  • Comes with 2GB RAM, 32GB Disk Space

  • Incredibly Versatility

  • Support play store so you can use it as a general-purpose tablet

  • Incredibly well priced

  • Much lighter than other tablets

  • Inconsistent quality-control

  • Does not have best quality material

5. Huion KAMWAS Animation Tabletbest animation tablet for beginners

If you’re particular user of animation design, this is by for one of the most recommended tablet in today’s market. Tablet is comfortable to use, to make sure you have wonderful design on it. On every time you will get better results of design experience you use it. The tablet’s comes in three features of combination 1 in thickness, 2 in width and 3 in length. Design is thin and enough portable to go with anywhere with a large screen size. Once you have to look it you may wish to use it.

Huion KAMWAS is a perfect, convenience and portability with only 15mm in thickness and 1.5kg in weight. This tablet is also known as 3-in-1 best tablet for animation that’s easy to setup or maintain. It provides full HD display screen 1920 x 1080 with anti-glare glass, or 178° wide angle. It’s also control accuracy in drawing and sketching, offers 262K colors and 72% NTSC color gamut offer with great visual experience. Huion KAMWAS support OS compatibility in windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.11 or all latest versions. I like the most sensitive pen pressure, really smooth and easy going.  Pen required charging, hovering, it’s lasts for more than one month on a single charge.

Having such a wonderful features I called it titls up to 50 degrees! The value for the money is quite undeniable; you have review all above features.  So, the device is designed so for to meet the technical requirements for digital painting and 3D work. In fact it will offer you great deal to work on. And it’s a good time to take benefit of this opportunity to personalize it your own approach.  The software is very conflict in other tablets, however downloading software design is very straight forward. Plugging is essay to simplified using three cables, one to go into USB, go on to HDMI port or power cables.

Final Thoughts? So, no one can who let it down having such incredibly high-quality graphics tables. If you are graphic designer and want to get fast response rate on your projects, it’s a best option for you. The pen with its 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity allows working on smoothly and quickly.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Provide High-quality display screen
  • Fast and responsive
  • Very well-priced
  • Crystal clear color quality
  • Comes with number of configurable buttons

  • Can be easily mapped to commonly functions

  • Three connection cables for USB, HDMI and AC adapter makes life easier

  • Pressure sensitive is top-notch

  • Lightweight and high-quality pen

  • Wide screen HD display

  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity

  • The pen is bit heavy because of battery

  • Price Issue

  • Not affordable for everyone

6. Wacom Intuos Pro

best tablet for animation 2020

Are you looking for best animation tablet for beginners? Well, your preference or need is Wacom Intuos Pro one of best beginner animation tablet in market. If you are new beginner or just starting in graphic art, this tab is especially for you. Who have experienced with this tab may have good reviews about it and known as leader of graphics tablets. All beginner-friendly will almost enjoy this product with a free draw pack.  This draw pack offers Art Rage Lite sketching and drawing software, online tutorials that help to get basics.

Let me state up what I have experience, I have used Wacom graphic tablet of some more than 25 years. It’s providing me good features and I did my lot of Photoshop work on it. I would say one thing about it, Wacom Intuos Tablet is not an option; yes it’s a necessity of every graphic designer. Over the year Wacom have only gotten better and better features and this added by after years. It comes in two sizes a medium size and large size however, a small size is only available in previous model.

Let’s have a look of Wacom Intuos Pro Features. It has an ability to replace your mouse and turns your computer into digital canvas. Its battery timing is very excellent along with pressure sensitive pen that helps to draw and sketching. Wacom Intuos Pro offers Art Rage Lite sketching and drawing software, online tutorials or can connect to Mac or PC via USB cable or wireless. Wacom Intuos Pro is also best choice for heavy photo editors. I personally love this tab with its sleek, lightweight design, comfortable and responsive Pro Pen 2, Customizable user experience or very useful when editing in Photoshop.

Final Thoughts? Wacom Intuos Pro is for someone who wants to do a lot of photo editing. If you are just starting a graphic art, this tab is for you. I would strictly recommend this to people who are follows budget r would like to experience with different experience.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Slim and compact
  • Very customizable
  • Comfortable in large work surface
  • Comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Much more portable

  • Much lighter than usual display tablets

  • No major cons

  • Only one year extended warranty

7. XP-Pen Artist22best beginner drawing tablet for animation

XP-Pen Artist22 is a largest tablet for an artist. Whatever you are looking for paginating digitally? Its features includes 21.5-inch screen, full HD resolution. It’s allows you use limitless potential applications, such as drawing, sketching, painting, CAD, 3D sculpting, illustration, design and editing you performed. Use of XP-Pen tablet expands your creativity and you can perform work naturally and intuitively. Moreover, pro Pen display features 1080p resolution, and extra-wide 178° viewing angle provides more creativity, accuracy and precision in your work.

XP-Pen Artist22 Pro is drawing tablet that display 21.5 inch display with full of graphics. You’re really standing at right place if you are truly professional experience of graphic designer. Best-quality glass panel design on the top feel while designing are all best-in-class. Furthermore, professional designer feels better; it offers all what you want from a design tablet. With such a wonderful display, sturdy glass top, and a stand allows you to perform work better which you wish to. XP-Pen isn’t great along battery that is not enough all day so you have to take two pens, while use one charge other. After all, the use of XP-Pen Artisit22 product is very convincing. Let’s enjoy best tablet for animation!

Final thoughts?  XP-Pen Artsist22 is compatible choice for digital artist or graphic designer. If you have limited budget, XP-Pen Tablets is an affordable solution for you. If you’re graphics tablet, newbie or a digital pro, there is no doubting comes at a low price you will best tablet for drawing and animation.

Why I Like the Most?

  • Prefect for professionals
  • Customizable with short keys
  • Always comes with stand
  • Great price

  • Neither to big nor to small

  • Wonderful screen size and quality offers

  • Glass Crystal Screen makes unique to drawing experience

  • Feels very premium to work on

  • The stand helps to draw at wherever angle you wish for

  • Might too large

  • No touch display

  • Pen is expensive to replace

  • Particularly for those who intend to draw on the move

8. Huion H420 USB Tablet

best tablet to do animation

Are you beginner of graphic designer or animation artist?  But you look after for best tablet for animation.  So, Huion H420 USB Tablet comes with full of kit, relatively cheap or best budget tablet around you. This means tablet is ideal choice for graphic artist beginners. But, professional or expert animation designer don’t feel better or will find it lacks a depth of functionality. The kit includes a tablet itself or pen sensitive device with 2048 level of pressure. Huion 420 OSU Tablet with precise pen control is for digital art creation, annotating in PowerPoint and document mark-up or more. Tablet is also compatible to run all graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and CorelDraw, Adobe Fireworks, Comic Studio, SAI, Microsoft Word etc. Latest version of Huion 420 OSU Tablet is compatible with windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac or OS.

New Graphic designer who have just take start may easily run all software or applications. Huion H420 USB tablet is for someone who wants to get non-display tablets which are responsible to done all jobs. This tablet also does a brilliant job and one’s fell comfortable while drawing something on its surface. This non-display tablet is very close to perfection as also concern to budget constraints. Have you should expect such a brilliant design or supreme clarity and accuracy tablet in the scenes you draw.  Tablet is also easy to maintain a connection function completely wirelessly for 5-7 hours without a problem.

The tablet has 4×2.23 inch display screen that is simple, yet effective for graphic art tablet. Beginners and experts of graphic art this one is most popular choice for you. Moreover, the tablet is fitted with 3-progammable express keys or the use of keys allows you to customize your needs.  Wherever, you are looking for compact and lightweight tablet you may need Huion 420 OSU, one of best tablet for animation 2020.

Final Thoughts? The tablet has 4×2.23 inch display screen that is simple, yet effective for graphic art tablet. Beginners and experts of graphic art this one is most popular choice for you. Moreover, the tablet is fitted with 3-progammable express keys or the use of keys allows you to customize your needs.  Wherever, you are looking for compact and lightweight tablet you may need Huion 420 OSU, one of best tablet for animation 2020.

Why I like the most?

  • Compact and powerful tablet
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Connectable device with Mac and PC
  • Works with all popular graphics applications
  • Hardware Specification of Huion H420 USB Tablet
  • Well-priced

  • Great quality

  • Compact and portable

  • It comes with a lot from price point

  • The pen is very delicate

  • Pen breaks easily if dropped

  • Pen usually stops working after 2-months


Are you looking for best tablet for animation drawing with an attractive stylus pen and high-resolution screen capabilities? We tested all best tablets and prepared top rated list and found all the pros and cons to point it. So, you just now need to read all products carefully and make right decision in buying best drawing tablet for yourself. Even that all tablets listed have ability to sketching or drawing with unmatched precision and accuracy. These animation tablets has very quickly come to forefront for artist, animator and for animation artist.

You have a time to expose your abilities and use of tablets definitely takes your art to next level. Everyone has their own preference and requirements but need to tablets to express creativity on it. Some animation artist wants tablets that has all in one capabilities. So, here we have all-in combination of top rated animation drawing tablets for you. All tablets are portable and artists will feels relax to work to animate at home.

You have time to perform very well this time by using these tablets. Take a complete look of above list of best tablet for animation drawing and note your favorite. All of tablets have its own features, now it depends on you which tablets suit on your needs. But all tablets are best for animators and no matter which you select and get you pleased with the experience. Let’s Enjoy!

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