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best tablet for handwritingFor instance you are looking for best tablet for handwriting that is always need for meetings and conferences etc. well you can get the best collection of handwriting tablets for notes.  You are investing money or investing a lot of time while you are online shopping so there is need to choose the best tablets for you.  If you are a new beginner and wants to buy professional tablets then your presence should be here.

We are introducing top tablet for handwriting for those who are creative and graphic designer and business men. I have picked all the famous brands products after investing a lot of time and pick up top rating and best buyer reviews products for you.  As we know in the modern age handwriting is need of every creative professional to put a pen on a paper to explain their ideas for certain projects and work on it.

In the past 10 years technology has been very advanced and everyone wants to creative work to become a professional. Absolutely, right this is need but you are not aware the trend or for which tablet you are looking for? No need to worry, as goes on and enjoyed all the products and get the best one here. The entire Tablets list I have prepared for you are lightweight, portable and moreover affordable ever before and every one of you can enjoy after having it. There is wide of range of tablets available in market but you’re preference is to easily work on to save, edit and share your work easily.

Best Tablet For Handwriting – Buyers Guide             `

Now, it is just one single click to choose the best tablets with a stylus for drawing and note-taking.  We have rounded up all the products available in market, as it is not easy to choose one with a wide array of choice. But, now you can easily pick we are introducing top 10 the best note taking tablet on this post.  You have just to take the view of this post carefully and read all the features that they offer, and then select one that you like most.  Let’s have a look of all products listed below.

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What are you looking for the Best Note Taking Tablets yes; we are listing the best products to researching, testing and recommending by mostly buyers. Feel free to pick-up as all tablets are perfect and advanced for ongoing to computing.  All the tablets are lightweight and good touch based system input hardware. You will fall in love to the use of today modern day tablets that’s have a features of 2 in 1 devices.  Let’s thoroughly review the features, spaces and advantages of all Top 10 best tablets for handwriting.

1. New Apple iPad – Latest Model #1 New Releasebest tablet for handwriting notes

If you are looking best tablet for handwriting under a limited price then a entry -level iPad was updated last year. Apple iPad 2019has best features with a lightly touch screen and easily attach a keyboard with smart connector. From last years to nowadays it is still one the best latest technology for the best note taking tablet. The starting price of this tablet is $329 and can do as much or more as compared to other tablets. As I personally review this tablet and love to the use of it. But when you are considering Apple iPad 2019 then you should look for three things that define the true of new model.

  1. It should be iPad.
  2. The cost of Apple IPad starts from $329 for the base model.
  3. You have to buy this if your old iPad is dying. Or you should not get it your iPad is fine.

Let’s explain what are the qualities and features provide by Apple iPad 2019. If you are looking for slightly nice screen that is easy to use then you should pick-up this one. Apple iPad is to power and restart, provide the best performance and Face ID and aslo compatible to use as a regular iPad. I don’t think $329 is much or low cost, but if you are diligent to the streaming of movies and music or looking for best note-taking tablets from top brands then you should have to buy this one.

Moreover, battery timing of iPad still is lighting to charge that lasts all day and also a feature to support the first-gen Apple pencil. But cost of touch stick is separately that is $99. These are all the features you should know that are unlikely people not known who buy the best android tablet.

If you need a stylus tablets or Drawing Tablet the Apple iPad 2019 is one which is your need exactly. Mostly, I personally experienced the Web Pages seemed to be low speed loader. As it offer great price but as well providing extra features or also contains bunch of optimized applications.

The iPad supports powerful A10 Fusion chip retina eye in front of tablet. The extensive support of stylus of iPad pro is budget friendly especially for creative professional. In last id you can justify price, then should must best pick, but if you can’t afford it then go for some more affordable options.
Key Specifications:
                                                Apple iPad 2019 Hardware Specifications
ProcessorApple A10 Fusion
Display10.2-inch Retina display with 2160 x 1620 Resolution
CameraRear- 8MP | Front- 1.2MP
Operating SystemiPadOS 13.1
Battery Life10 hours
Weight1.07 bs
  • Affordable price

  • Extended battery life

  • Compatible device with iPadOS

  • Lightweight as compared to previous model

  • Large display

  • 32GB of storage isn’t sufficient

  • New iPad model is bigger and heavier than previous model

  • Does not have laminated display compared to iPad Air and iPad pro

  • Hardware improvements are very minimal

2. Apple iPad Pro 11″ / 12.9″ – Best for Power Users & Digital Artists

best tablet for handwriting 2020

Is there is any difference between iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch? Well though from a last couples of years both are not identical they are separate from some features’ such like that;

  • Display size and resolution
  • Physical Size
  • Price

Have you skipped the above products listening the focus on this right now?  To be very honest this is best android tablet with stylus that was introduced for business use. Touch pad Apple iPad pro 12.9 offers better hepatic accuracy for daily use than that of most other stylus-based slates. Best tablet for handwriting note taking is now easy on a large 11-inch to 12.9 inch screen resolution offers a bigger convex.

Apple’s iPhones in normally use disturbs, but Apple tablet’s have a full features that is clearly a king nowadays. Apple iPad pro 12.9 is now a times jewel in its crown and have a large display but slim design. IPad pro 12.9 keeps the best hardware and software and allows the 17% to be precise it. Despite this iPad pro was especially designed for professionals’ and has the features to bunch all users of it. Whatever, you are looking for a the most affordable Wacom drawing tablet, streaming content, playing games, musical masterpieces or also for just juggling loads of different work documents’. These are the collection of features you can get it in considerable cost.

Apple IPad pro 12.9 available in different 4 sizes of internal memory i.e. 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. You may choose which one of the best for you wants just like that if you want to enjoy the happy WiFi-connectiveity then you need to want cellular data network.  The /iPad pro 12.9 has 12.9 wide body but actually thinner as compared to average Smartphone or not the biggest tablet in the world.  One of biggest display you can get for creating work or an art of playing games from a wide range of activities.

Touch screen is compatible you can easily hover your finger with a full of its pressure sensitivity and also use Apple Pencil. So, at all touch screen keyboard and pencil is one of the best products from a few of hundred or more. I assure you will enjoy after having this as I personally use it for daily routine work. You can say it is the best tablet for handwriting. In the end I would just say the use this iPad is amazing! The colors are brighter, and best forever.
Key Specifications:
                                   Apple iPad Pro 11″ / 12.9″ Hardware Specifications
ProcessorApple A12X Bionic
Display11″ Inch Retina Display with 2388 x 1668 Resolution with 120Hz Refresh Rate
Storage64GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
GPUApple GPU (7-core graphics)
CameraRear- 12 MP | Front- 7 MP
Operating SystemiOS 12.1
Battery Life10 hours
Weight1.03 lbs
  • Outstanding speakers

  • Support USB-C Type port

  • Beautiful design

  • Superb handling experience

  • Good for all-round rear camera

  • No audio port

  • Not suitable for heavy workflow

  • No portrait mode for rear camera

  • Expensive

  • No HDR capability in the screen

3. Google Pixel Slate 12.3″ – Trackpad Keyboard and Stylus

best tablet for handwriting note taking

One of the best tablets that are budget friendly is Google Pixel Slate 12.3 in now in the list of top tablet.  The pixel’s slate is one of the famous and latest technologies of tablet-laptop hybrids.  The pixels slate has 12.3-inch screen size that is much high resolution as compared to previous tablets.  The performance of Pixel Slate tablets will vary on based model.  The pixel slate model that I have been testing comes in five configurations varying RAM and Storage.  The Google Pixel Slate 12.3 is second highest tier model.

You can enjoy an Intel Core i5 y-series Processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD features. The overall performance of i5 has been great that is I have experienced. This one is cheap note taking tablet that offers keyboard and pen or stylus but both are sold separately.  I assure you will love about Google for how to work on it moreover, Google Pixel Slate deliver a durable environment to its user.  For the love ones of movies and videos now they can enjoy and watch in life on 12.3 inch molecular display- screen. Also you can also enjoy the best audio experience with dual front firing speakers.

Pixel Slots automatically update so; you don’t need to check the latest features and security. Without facing any hassles you will fall in love with the use of this one. Battery performance of this tablet is very good but it depends on the performance of mix videos, web-browsing, productivity and other use.  But if you’re doing your office work then you can enjoy battery timing.

The device becomes inactive to be at least of 5% charged.  However, while you are buying Pixel slot it should be kept in mind the cost of its keyboard is $199 and you have also to pay additionally $99 for Google Pixel book Pen.  Moreover, the chrome OS of tablet work in progress and still free from lots of bugs and incompatible issues with android apps.

If you are want tablets for office or daily routine work like Google docs, sheets and slides then you’re choice should be this one. Google Pixel slate is more compatible these days and providing extra features including split screen, multi window browsing or powerful multitasking tools.
Key Specifications
                                            Google Pixel Slate Hardware Specifications
Processor8th Gen Intel Core M3
Display12.3” 3000×2000 (293 ppi) LCD display
Storage64 GB
GPUIntel Integrated
CameraFront – 8 MP | Rear – 8 MP
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery Life10 hours
Weight1.59 lbs
  • Strong sound

  • Meticulously designed device

  • Touch – Friendly

  • 12 hours of battery life

  • Powerful Cameras

  • Fantastic typing experience

  • Just on the pricier side

  • Expensive

  • Lapability Failure

  • Android apps can crash out

  • Lacking of power user and creative’s

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Best for All-Purpose Tablet

best tablet for converting handwriting to text

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 is one of the best options for best tablet for handwriting notes and drawing purposes. A lot of factors are contributing in this tablet but one of the best advantages Tab S6 as it does not charge extra cost for S Pen pointing stick. Span does not depend on battery however; it supports 4096 points of pressure sensitivity.  You can also enjoy the PC desktop experience to attach keyboard 1 with built in track pad. That’s why Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is also refers to 2 in 1, because, it support a feature to transform your android tablet into PC desktop.

Best tablet for handwriting is now available just in single click that supports multiple features.  Though Tab S6 has just 10.5 inches screen but, this comes under premium features of average screen size.  It supports brighter colors with the adaptive display of 80% RGB and almost flawless color accuracy. The Galaxy Tab S6 comes to support the Android 9.0 pie, a lightening but fast microprocessor and ability to built-in facial recognition.

Moreover, this tablet is providing extra feature i.e. light on weight, heavy on entertainment with the spectacular edge to edge super AMOLED display. You can also enjoy gaming, superior graphics and quad speakers stay tuned by AGK. Battery life timing depends on its usage, more power of consuming near about 15 hours and can fast charging battery in 1 hour.

Tab S6 offers more advantage as compared to other tablets. I have personally reviewed all the features, space and advantage of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and all this good thing don’t come in cheap.
Key Specifications
                                     Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hardware Specifications
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage128GB / 256GB
Display10.5 inch Super AMOLED with 2560 x 1600 Resolution
CameraRear – 13MP (wide) / 5MP (ultrawide)| Front – 8MP
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0 Pie
Battery Life15 hours
Weight0.92            bs
  • Beautiful Display

  • Speedy Processor

  • Powerful Cameras

  • Comes with S Pen

  • Extended Battery Capacity

  • High-Quality Audio

  • Multitasking Features

  • Wi-Fi Model still not available yet at launch

  • No Headphone Jack

  • Price and Availability issue

  • Keyboard does not comes with device

  • Not optimized for large-screen

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A – The Perfect Budget Tablet for Everyone

best graphics tablet for handwriting

Are you listing and waiting for affordable tablets then I have a best android tablet for you. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with a stylus comes on a tight budget.  Tab A does not offer the premium features’ but it does offer a good value.  You can now easily prepare your handwriting notes and drawing on the go. The tablet provide the extended support of software like Evernote and OneNote, both mostly support pen inputs as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is real alternative of an iPad. But the question is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is better for me? And what qualities do it supports? Your answer is yes, this is compatible as it is cheapest iPad.  Moreover it still has a sharp screen, smaller footprint, metal rear, better cameras.  Tab A also offers you full access of Google Play and the Google apps. The tablet comes in two versions, an 8-incher and 10.1-inch version.

The Tablet is designed with the best way and mostly has aluminum back that mostly iPad offers. Samsung Galaxy Tab A has 2mm plastic stripe that do the same job as fancy phones and tablets use.  It is obvious necessary to don’t miss some of missing parts that I have been made here. Tab A don’t have fingerprint scanner, but this is not a huge loss in a tablet. Some may disgrace about this Tab there is no water resistance that is expected.  But overall this tablet under the mid range that provide stylus support as well as all day battery life timing. But it does not provide the best performance in terms of speed and responsiveness however, best for basic user.

The Galaxy Tab A has 1.8 GHz Octa-Core processor and 3 GB of RAM with 10.1-inch screen. You can also enjoy the descent density of 224 pixels per inch from 1920 x 1200 displays.

I will recommend to readers buy any third-part stylus that supports a tablet to done a good job. From overall experience I will personally offer excellent Samsung Galaxy Tablet Tab A that comes in excellent price and a good starter for students and rookies.
Key Specifications
                                        Samsung Galaxy Tab A Hardware Specification
ProcessorExynos 7904 1.8 GHz Octa-Core Processor
Storage32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB
Display10.1 Inch PLS LCD with 1920 x 1200 Resolution
CameraRear- 8MP, 1080p | Front- 5MP, 1080p
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0 Pie, One UI
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight1.03 lbs
  • Long battery life

  • Delicate design

  • Comfortable handing

  • Powerful Wi-Fi

  • Camera and video are perfect

  • Effective screen quality

  • Only 32GB storage

  • No flash in camera

  • No flash in camera

  • Medium Sound-Quality

  • No any Fingerprint or Face-Recognition

  • Small buttons for power and volume control

6. Lenovo YogaBook 10.1″ – Perfect Fit for Almost all Kind of User

best tablet for onenote handwriting

Are you looking innovating and creative best tablet for handwriting then your presence should be in this list yet.  This was a first tablet especially designed for handwriting or drawing surface. Lenovo proves and the best tablet with a stylus results that’s well worth or working owning. Lenovo Yoga Book is kinds of tablet-laptop hybrid provide a digital capacitive keyboard. This capacitive Halo keyboard despite the lack of digital keys but you can utilize this feature to include the real pen stylus.

Though it is difficult to move finger on touchpad because, touch typist used a flat backlit Cornilla Glass keyboard.  It takes time but TouchPal auto-correct software makes easier the use of digital keyboard. Lenovo tablet also has feature to manage to transform the touchpad into full-fledged Wacom digitizer. What‘s a really wonderful tablet this one that supports good features and most of important people love to buy this I have take a full review of this tablet.

YogaBook is fit for the entire user included the Halo surface and real pen display and lightweight body. This one is most traditional tablets having 180-degree fold back screen.  Though this might to be considered well worth that you cannot decide either it’s a tablet or a laptop.

We can say it is a best tablet for onenote handwriting, writings and drawings that can be transformed into digitize figures and notes. Lenovo YogaBook is a best one in terms of flexibility and ingenuity.
Key Specifications
                                            Lenovo Yoga Book Hardware Specifications
ProcessorIntel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor
Display10.1 Inch IPS LCD with 1920 x 1200 Resolution
CameraRear – 8MP | Front – 2MP
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow (upgradable to 7.0 Nougat) / Windows
Battery Life12 hours
Weight1.52 lbs
  • Fantastic build quality

  • Excellent Battery Life

  • Good for writing technology

  • Amazing and quickly stylus input

  • Sleek and Compact design

  • Accurate for drawing or note-taking

  • Stylus is good in responsitivity and functionality

  • Slow performance

  • Keyboard use is not comfortable

  • No USBC

  • Only One Micro USB port

  • Touchpad doesn’t support two finger scrolls

7. Microsoft Surface Go – Best for Note-Taking & Basic Task

cheap note taking tablet

The less demanding task for cheap tablet with stylus then Microsoft Surface Go is a decent choice for you. You can do your job well, or everyday work if you are pro user. Its support a feature of premium tablet incredibly slim and vivid display screen can easily work on it. Moreover, the surface keyboard is extremely to comfy and feel very easy while working on a laptop mode.

I have fully-reviewed Microsoft Surface Go and 128GB + 8GB model is here to discussing.  It is basically a type of tablet and also a type of keyboard dock, you can see in all Microsoft’s promotions. You may have to look Surface Go either for best tablet for converting handwriting to text. If we talk about the appearance, then Surface Go just look okay. But the front is designed well and looks pretty with a silver finish and shiny windows logo.

The Surface Go’s has 10-inch IPS solid screen.  Contrast is fantastic and has brighter colors that are also punchy and realistic. This tablet is most compatible for graphic designer and comic book curatives and can enjoy with 92.80% sRGB score. I have really enjoyed the features of Surface Go. The big issue that is have is just cost is equivalent to iPad and exceeding by significant margin.

You can enjoy best tablet for handwriting 2020 in a future like a Surface Go. Don’t worry about battery life timing, up to 9 hours.  Battery life depends on your work or significantly varies with setting, usage and other factor. Surface Go supports Microsoft store within windows 10 in S mode.

New Microsoft Surface Go is perfect for all day tasks. You may also enjoy best laptop performance with in tablet portability, or a stunning touch screen.  This is also best for email, browsing, home projects, favorite TV shows, HD camers, hassle-free connectivity is also on your side.
Key Specifications
                                         Microsoft Surface Go Hardware Specifications
ProcessorIntel®Pentium® Gold Processor 4415Y
Storage128 GB SSD
Display10 Inch PixelSense Display with 1800 x 1200 Resolution
GPUIntel HD Graphics 615
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Battery Life9 hours
Weight1.15 lbs
  • Easy to portable

  • Excellent battery life

  • Keyboards works very well

  • Good for educational use

  • Full-HD screen Resolution

  • Powerful Core i7 processor

  • Small and lightweight design

  • Middling speed

  • Keyboard cost separately

  • Narrow for on-lap use

  • Type cover and Pen cost separately

  • Price is bit high than previous model


Not to forget the list above revolves around the idea for best tablet for handwriting with stylus. The tablet’s all I have picked shouldn’t be mistaken, but all have best overall tablets. To get more compatible results, I have review all products with same way and prepared a good combination of top tablets. All tablets are running from couple of benchmarks to test their performance with good battery life timing. Some tablets supports an active pen features, like some have on the list above. But, I also test stylus, Does it support different level of pressure sensitivity? Does it have battery and do you need to charge it? How do you recharge it? The answer of all this question is above you just needs to read it with carefully.

All above top pick best tablets is usually for users, who are looking for combination of creative’s, enthusiasts or note and digital drawing.  Tablets just not for sketching and noting but also serve a lot of purposes.  Somehow, it is even might consider these tablets are best replacements of laptops if they support a good stylus and keyboard. So, you have best combination choice for handwriting tablets, it’s definitely a step go forward towards future.

Handwritten tablets are just now available in single click with great reviews.  All tablets support pens to write down best handwritten notes, or to edit photos in apps like Adobe Photoshop. How, good is it. All tablets in list good at that or supportive. If you have any questions or feedback regarding best tablets for handwriting then comment us. Stay connected all times so, you will keep updating with newer, cheaper and better upgrades of best tablets with a stylus.

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