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The best tablet pcs are for notebook shoppers who want the option of switching into tablet mode. You currently have much more affordable convertibles to choose from that don't skimp on portable power and ergonomics. Having learned their lesson, tablet makers pack most models with fast, power-saving Centrino chipsets. Microsoft has been working with OEMs to reduce the cost of stylus-enabled hardware, so convertibles should now cost only $100 to $200 more than plain notebooks.

Convertibles are deservedly popular because they allow tablet functionality without losing the keyboard. Look for models that flip into and out of tablet mode securely and still have the power you need in notebook mode. Optical drives add considerably to a convertible's weight and bulk, but they may be indispensable for some road warriors. Although convertible models have advanced considerably, dual-mode users will need to choose the compromises they want to make.

 Lenovo ThinkPad X41

A year after it was first introduced, the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 remains the exemplar of convertible tablet design; it's a model of usability, portability, and dual-mode computing without compromise. Discriminating buyers will get the best notebook and tablet experience possible in a single package.

At 3.5-pounds (4 pounds with the six-hour battery), the X41 is exceptionally light for a unit with a 12.1-inch display, yet has the typically solid ThinkPad construction. An optical drive is optional and it will add weight and bulk. The keyboard is unmatched in its responsiveness, layout, and roominess.

However good the notebook experience, the tablet mode isn't far behind. Generous launch buttons and a comfortable stylus with a fat hover zone make pen-based navigation and gesturing a breeze. The LCD works very well indoors and out. Some entry-level ThinkPad X41s can be a little slow, so you may want to consider recent models with 1 .8-GHz CPUs and 60GB hard drives. Overall, the X41 is the best convertible on the market.

 Electrovaya Scribbler SC 3100

It shows that Electrovaya makes only tablets. This industrial-grade slate design is costly, but it gives a stylus diehard what he pays for in a long-lasting tablet. This premium three-pounder sports a fast 1.6-GHz processor, lots of memory (768MB), hard drive storage (60GB), and up to ten hours of battery life (with an optional 90Wh Li-ion SuperPolymer battery). All the tablet accoutrements are exceptional: strong stylus handling, sensitive microphone, and an ultra bright screen with wide-angle viewing for outdoor use. A real asset to the Scribbler line is the snap-off cover that includes an embedded keyboard, touchpad, and stand; while not a true convertible, the unit connects to the inverted lid for keyboard input. For active, pen-based computing, the SC 3100 earns its keep. Como usar Aphogee y opinión ¿Merece la pena?

 Motion Computing LS800

If you're looking for total portability in a pure slate design, look no further than Motion Computing's excellent mini-marvel. The LS800 is a mere 2.2 pounds, yet its 8.4-inch display has full tablet functionality. The 1.2-GHz Centrino CPU has more than enough power for pen-based tasks, and Motion offers up to 60GB of storage. The display works well outdoors and at extreme viewing angles. The stylus is comfortable and highly responsive, and a full suite of shortcut keys and a five-way directional button provide optimal control without a keyboard.

Motion offers a deep trove of accessories for the professional who is serious about pen-based computing, from stands and cases to portable keyboards and extended-life batteries.

 Laptop Computer Tips

Slates are ideal for form-based input and Web browsing in a compact, light form factor. Field-based professionals who deal with data more than text should look for a pure slate design with good outdoor LCD visibility and tablet necessities like a good microphone for voice input and recording.

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Best Tablet PC -

The best tablet pcs are for notebook shoppers who want the option of switching into tablet mode. You currently have much more affordable convertibles to choose





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