Digital Camera Comparison & Buying Tips

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 Digital Camera Comparison Guide

Digital Camera Comparison: Just because the quality gap has all but disappeared between digital and film photography, that doesn't make it any easier to choose the right digital camera for your needs. As in the film world, there are several types of models, from affordable point-and-shooters to 10X zoom cameras that have full manual controls that enable you to develop your creativity.

As you explore digital camera comparison options, you'll quickly notice the biggest trend in digital cameras: larger screens. Camera makers have caught on to the fact that we like to share our shots right on the spot, and a bigger LCD with a better viewing angle is just the ticket.

More sophisticated processors haved caused dramatic improvement in startup times and shot-to-shot times, so you never miss a thing. Last but not least, digital camera comparisons reveal that digi-cams are getting smarter. Many models now explain what different modes mean right on the screen, and some even offer in-camera editing tools like red-eye reduction.

 Digital Camera Buying Tips

Comparison Buying Tip #1:
Don't obsess over megapixels. There's no need to aim for higher resolution just to say you have more megapixels than your neighbor. 3 megapixels is plenty for crisp 4x6-inch prints, and even 8x11 enlargements. 5 megapixels is fast becoming standard on midrange cameras, but it really only comes in handy with extra-big prints or for cropping.

Comparison Buying Tip #2:
Consider PictBridge. There's a very good reason that most people don't bother printing pictures taken by their digital camera: It's too hard. That's why you should get a digital camera that's PictBridge compatible, which means you'll be able to plug your camera directly into a PictBridge-enabled printer with a USB cable and bypass your PC altogether.

Comparison Buying Tip #3:
A memory card? Like PC's, digital cameras have become commodity items, so vendors are looking to cut costs any way they can, and that includes memory. An increasing number of digital cameras come with only a small amount of built-in memory and an empty memory card slot. If you want more than a few shots at the highest resolution, you'll probably want to pick up a 32MB or higher-capacity card before you complete your purchase.

Take a moment and browse some of the available selections and do your own digital camera comparison. After all, now you the have the knowledge to make an informed decision in light of your personal needs.
And remember....have some fun!

Digital Camera Comparison & Buying Tips

Digital Camera Comparison: Just because the quality gap has all but disappeared between digital and film photography, that doesn't make it any easier to choos





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