How to Install Software on Laptop without CD Drive ? [2021 Guide]

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My laptop doesn’t have a CD Drive what can I Do? This is the most asked question from us How to Install Software on Laptop without CD Drive?. You also may notice that most of the latest laptops don’t have a CD/DVD drive because of the slim and smart body the companies kick off those drives. But the problem remains for us, normal persons who don’t know how to complete the reduction. It’s good to have lighter and smart laptops and what you need to know is how to play a CD on a laptop without a CD drive. Well, it’s not so difficult you just have to follow some simple steps and methods to enable the installation of software.

So, basically there are 2 different methods that you can use, one is using an external CD drive and the other one is using a flash drive.

Using an External USB Drive

The thing that you may not know is that in the USB port of your laptop you can insert any external CD/DVD drive. All you have to do is to buy an external CD/DVD drive that you can find from Amazon. Simply plug in the drive and follow to steps given below to install software on your laptop.

  • Plugin the drive-in USB port via USB cable.
  • Read from the documents which came along the USB CD/DVD drive for instructions on using and installing your external hard drive.
  • After installation of the drive is done, insert a CD of the software in the drive and proceed with installing the software.

Using USB Flash Drive

The second method is to install from USB flash drive, but before doing so you have to copy the software into the flash drive using any other laptop that has a CD/DVD drive. When you copy the software then plug in the USB flash drive into the USB port of the laptop and follow the steps given below. Lets Us know about How to Install Software on Laptop without CD Drive? Blog sobre la farm y el Ajedrez, noticias, curiosidades, guias, como jugar Blog sobre Ajedrez

  • Insert your software CD in the CD/DVD drive.
  • Click on Start, then My PC, and double click on the CD/DVD drive.
  • Select all the files and folders, right-click and then Copy
  • Insert the USB flash drive in the USB port on your laptop that has CD/DVD drive.
  • If AutoPlay Window appeared, click on an Open folder to view files, and then select If AutoPlay window doesn’t appear, the USB flash drive needs to open by clicking Start, then This PC, and double-click the disk.
  • Create a New Folder in the USB flash drive and rename the new folder according to the software you are installing.
  • Open the Renamed folder and Paste the copy files there.
  • Close the Window, when the file transferred, plug out the USB flash drive from your laptop.
  • Now plugin this USB flash drive on the USB port on your laptop which hasn’t the CD drive.
  • On the software folder. And Copy the file and paste it into your laptops’ storage.
  • After the file transfer completed, double-click on the software folder to open it.
  • Locate the file and double click it for proceeding further installation.
How to Install Software on Laptop without CD Drive ? [2021 Guide]


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