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Internet Computer Store Listing Internet Computer Stores Listing

Here are a few reputable internet computer store merchants I highly recommend. I've also included some of the manufacturers sites as they offer rebates and discounts on some models and other resources for mobile computing. They all offer a great selection, excellent pricing, and in some cases free shipping. Bookmark these vendors and use them in your own comparison shopping. I would advise you to shop between these laptop merchants and do price comparisons with each vendor; it will save you some serious dollars. The price variation between vendors can oftentimes mean a few hundred dollars saved.

These internet computer store sites offer new and recertified (refurbished) models of laptops, desktops, Tablet PC's, laptop batteries, accessories, parts, and PDA's.

Our criteria for recommending an Internet Computer Store is as follows:

  • Consistent Highly Competitive Pricing
  • Solid Customer Service and Support
  • Wide Selection from Multiple Companies
  • New and Refurbished Options
  • Diverse Selection of Accessories
  • Free Shipping (where applicable)
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Adequate Return Policy

Use our Computer Terms Guide if you run into trouble while shopping.

Remember: Whenever shopping on-line, use a credit card as opposed to an E-check or direct debit form of payment. The major credit card companies will step in and arbitrate for you if you have a problem with a purchase. Soberano Brandy, Cognac and Armagnac - Gonzalez Byass

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