Laptop Computer Auction Guide and Recommendations

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Laptop Computer Auctions Laptop Computer Auction Guide
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Online laptop computer auction sites such as eBay and, can be a great source of bargains, but there are risks: when the bidding is done, you can't change your mind. And because you can't go to the seller's house and see a laptop before spending your cash, it's essential that you know exactly what you're bidding for.

With online laptop computer auction sites you need to read the item descriptions carefully and if anything is unclear, ask a lot of questions. Use the seller's feedback rating to get an idea of his or her trustworthiness. If the seller is new to the site and has no feedback from previous auctions it doesn't mean they're dishonest, but it does mean you should be very careful and ask lots of questions about the laptop, it's history, whether the seller has the original software and so on.

Make sure the laptop is in the US.....imports are worth less money and subject to an increased risk of damage in transit if being shipped from overseas. You're also liable for import taxes which could add considerably to the price of the laptop.

The risk of fraud is minimal. eBay claims that less than 0.01 per cent of auction sales are fraudulent; but it's still a risk. While every eBay transaction is covered by the site's Buyer Protection Program, it will only pay a certain amount of compensation.

 Laptop Computer Auction Protection

I'd strongly recommend the use of an escrow service. With normal online laptop computer auction sites the process is simple: you pay the seller and the seller ships the product. However, with big ticket items such as laptops, that's a fairly risky procedure; it's possible that the seller could take your cash and then disappear.

To prevent this, an escrow service will charge you a small fee to act as middleman. You place your payment with the escrow service, and the seller doesn't get the cash until the goods have been delivered. If you're planning on spending several hundred dollars on a laptop and the seller isn't willing to use an escrow service--even if you pay the fee--then I would advise you to look elsewhere at other laptop offerings. Recambios Para Freidoras Royal Catering

Beware of auction fever. Many people end up paying more than they should because they think that if it's an auction sale then it must be a bargain. In some cases, items sell for more than new models cost in the stores. Research prices and identify the going rate for your chosen laptop, then set a budget and stick to it.

 Laptop Computer Auctions: Important Questions To Ask

First, there's no such thing as a stupid question when you're buying privately.

Is the computer still for sale? (if you're buying privately...)
If the seller asks "which one", he's probably a trader. Walk away from the deal.
Why are you selling it?
If you're unconvinced by the answer, the machine could be stolen or have a serious defect.
Do you have the software CD's and serial numbers?
No? The software may be illegal--and even if it isn't, you'll lose it all when you reformat you're drive.
Is there any warranty left?
Any remaing warranty could save you a few dollars long-term.
Would you be willing to use an escrow service?
Escrow services take your money and don't give it to the seller until your purchase has been delivered safely. If the seller doesn't seem to be receptive to an escrow service, he might have something to hide.

If you're sensible, do your homework and ask lots of questions, it's possible to pick up some great deals from a laptop computer auction. Avoiding the traders and less than honest folk isn't difficult, and I think that the majority of sellers are perfectly respectable. Shop sensibly and your next laptop could be a bargain, but remember the basic law of bargain shopping: if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

 Laptop Computer Auction Sites

Here are a couple that I recommend:

    Still one of the largest on the Internet, you can get some great deals here. Just take your time and have some fun!
  • The uBid laptop computer auction site provides a totally different experience from that of eBay. Check out the sites and offerings.


Laptop Computer Auction Guide and Recommendations

Online laptop computer auction sites such as eBay and, can be a great source of bargains, but there are risks: when the bidding is done, you can't cha





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