Portable Laptop Desk, Mobile Laptop Table, and Laptop Stand Options

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Laptop Desk Laptop Desk Options

Laptop Desk Considerations: Though you can just plop your laptop on a desk, investing in a portable laptop desk stand can work wonders for your comfort and productivity. A proper lapdesk, being adjustable, can raise the screen so you can look straight ahead instead of downward and create space for an external keyboard and mouse. It can also make a significant difference in how cool the laptop runs by increasing the airflow at the bottom of the chassis.

Laptop computers are fast becoming your main desktop computer. Although some laptop models vent through the back edge of the chassis, many models currently vent through the bottom. It's very important to remember that the cooler your laptop is, the better it will work. Whether on your lap, in your auto or vehicle, or on your bed or desk - air circulates significantly better with your laptop computer on a hard surface. Hence, the need for a lightweight, adjustable, mobile laptop desk. There's nothing like well planned mobile computing.

Using a laptop on your lap creates a different set of problems, the most significant of which is heat. There are several ways to solve this problem, and the laptop desk options we examine here run the gamut of approaches. Each succeeds in its own way, and some can be used on the top of your desk as well. Just keep in mind your specific needs and you'll make a wise portable laptop desk choice.

For those situations where nothing but a standalone laptop table desk will do, we look at one that folds up into a package no bigger than a typical notebook.

EDITORS NOTE: I recently read a story concerning a gentleman that had a nasty experience with his laptop. While working for a couple of hours with his laptop resting on his lap (which he neglected to remember vented through the bottom) the battery overheated and exploded resulting in extensive damage to his thighs and groin area. Kind of puts a damper on your day........My heart goes out to the guy.

Let's take a look at some of the best mobile laptop desks, portable laptop stands, and adjustable, rolling laptop table options that are available to protect you and your laptop investment.

 Targus Portable Laptop Desk

The Targus Portable LapDesk is a folding tray that supports a notebook computer while on your lap, on a plane service tray, the couch, in bed, or on your desk. The thin design allows this laptop desk to be packed easily in a notebook case along side your portable computer, and it is sturdy enough to support the heaviest of laptops. Lightweight and collapsible. The ventilation channels provide airflow under a laptop computer for cooler operation. Folded in half, it's only 5/8" thick and weighs just 22 ounces.

 iLap -15 Wide Laptop Lap Desk and Stand

My favorite choice, this highly portable laptop desk is constructed of lightweight, sandblasted silver anodized aluminum alloy. The iLap lap desk looks more expensive than it is. Acting as a heat sink, the iLap keeps your lap and notebook cool by lifting the laptop away from your body and dissipating the heat from your notebook. The iLap laptop desk is available in five sizes, (to fit 12-, 14-, and 15-inch laptops, plus 15- and 17-inch widescreens), it's designed for both lap and desktop use.

When using theiLap on your lap, a pair of padded cushions raises the aluminum chassis a couple of inches. This also helps dissipate heat and places the laptop in a more comfortable working position. For correct ergonomic desktop use, the front cushion removes to angle the laptop's keyboard downward and raise the display. This is the most versatile laptop desk stand you can buy.

 Laptop Desk Swivel Stand

With this ingenious swivel stand, you can make your notebook computer more comfortable to use and ergonomically similar to a desktop PC. This laptop stand holds and raises up your notebook computer 4.5", swivels 100 degrees and tilts 10 degrees to locate a comfortable viewing height and angle. The laptop desk platform is surfaced with non-skid foam. Heat dissipation openings and mouse storage. Metal keyboard holder extends and stores external keyboard in place.


Portable Laptop Desk, Mobile Laptop Table, and Laptop Stand Options

Laptop Desk Considerations: Though you can just plop your laptop on a desk, investing in a portable laptop desk stand can work wonders for your comfort and pro






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