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Laptop Computer Ratings Laptop Rating System

About our Laptop Rating Method: We use a Five Star Laptop Rating System.

The "star" rating is broken down as follows:

  Lacking on several levels of performance and/or features.

laptop star3  Average in its category and classification.

  An exceptional product based on performance specs, feature set, and build quality.

  A perfect laptop based on performance specs, feature set, and build quality.

Each laptop score is finalized on the following criteria:

Business Performance:

Gaming Performance:

Feature Set:

Graphics Quality:


Weight / Portability:

Battery Life:


Overall Laptop Rating Score:

Please pay particular attention to the Overall Laptop Rating Score in each review. The overall laptop rating score is the culmination of the below thirty different performance and feature set considerations. Also, please note the classification of each laptop (Ultraportable, Standard, Thin and Light etc.) Laptop weight, profile, and battery life may be important considerations for you based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

 Laptop Rating Criteria Breakdown

Our criteria for each rating we perform is listed below.

Processor- Low-end: AMD Duron - Pentium Celeron- Pentium 3.

Processor- High-end: AMD Athalon XP - Pentium 4 - Core 2 Duo - Athalon 64.

Amount of RAM-Low-end: 256MB to 512MB

Amount of RAM-Mid-Range: 1GB to 2GB

Amount of RAM-High-end: 2GB to 4GB

Size of Hard Drive-Low-end: 80-100GB

Size of Hard Drive-Mid-range: 120-200GB

Size of Hard Drive-High-end: 250-500GB

Video Memory-Low-end: Shared system memory (Integrated Graphics)

Video Memory-Mid-range: 64MB--128MB Dedicated Memory (Video Card)

Video Memory-High-end: 256MB--512MB Dedicated Memory (Video Card)

Display Size/Resolution-Low-end: 12"-13" (600x800)

Display Size/Resolution-Mid-range: 14"-15" (1024x768)

Display Size/Resolution-High-end: 16"-17" (1400x1050+)

Optical Drive-Low-end: No optical drive or external drive

Optical Drive-Mid-range: CD-RW Drive or CD/DVD Combo Drive

Optical Drive-High-end: DVD-R/CD-RW

Connectivity Options-Low-end: 56K Modem only

Connectivity Options-Mid-range: 56K Modem and 10/100 Ethernet

Connectivity Options-High-end: 56K Modem, 10/100 Ethernet, Wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

Ports Availability-Low-end: Basic ports; PS2, Serial, Parallel, VGA

Ports Availability-High-end: Basic ports plus USB 2.0, Firewire, Infrared, Media Card Reader

Operating Platform-Low-end: Windows XP Home or Professional

Operating Platform-High-end: Windows Vista Home Premium + or Windows 7 Home Premium +

Battery Life-Low-end: 2 hrs. or less

Battery Life-Mid-range: 3-4 hrs.

Battery Life-High-end: 4 hrs. +++

Weight-Low-end: 8 lbs. plus

Weight-Mid-range: 6-8 lbs.

Weight-High-end: 5 lbs. or less Los Mejores Grifos de Cocina Saneamientos Pereda


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