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Laptop Webcam Guide Laptop Web Cam Review

Laptop Web Cam Benefits: If your job requires you to be on the road, keeping in touch with family and friends has become nearly impossible. Sure, you could e-mail, but that's as passe as clipping your cell phone to your belt. If you've got a powerful enough laptop and access to a high-speed Internet connection, however, you can use one of these pint-sized laptop webcams to visit with your family and friends in real time. After all, who wouldn't want to see your smiling face instead of receiving a plain, old e-mail?

Though you may think web cams are solely for desktops, companies like Logitech, Creative, and Veo make notebook-sized versions that work just as well as their larger-sized desktop cousins and provide an excellent mobile video solution. These miniature laptop web cams usually clip onto your laptops LCD screen panel and add barely any weight to your notebook attache case.

For the most part, these laptop web cams deliver VGA-quality resolution and usually have the ability to take digital stills. They come with software, most connect through a USB port on your laptop, and work with major chat services like Yahoo Messenger and Windows Messenger. Here's a look at some of our favorite laptop web cams for mobile computing.

 Veo Mobile Connect Digital Laptop Web Cam

The Veo Mobile Connect Digital Notebook Web Cam is the ultimate laptop computer web cam. Go "live" with Internet video instant messaging and connect with family and friends anytime, anywhere. When you travel, use the rugged brushed aluminum travel case to protect your laptop web cam. Comprehensive software bundle -immediately ready to e-mail digital photos, edit images and video as well as videoconference and video instant message without additional software purchases. USB connection. Two year warranty. Blog sobre la farm y el Ajedrez, noticias, curiosidades, guias, como jugar Blog sobre Ajedrez

 Creative Notebook Web Cam

The Creative Notebook WebCam is tiny yet durable, with a sleek body form factor just slightly larger than a single AA battery. The stylish, silver and charcoal Notebook WebCam features an integrated spring-tension clip to attach quickly and securely to any laptop. Wherever there's a net connection, you can communicate via live video with business contacts, friends and family. It features a 640x480 VGA CMOS sensor for high-resolution snapshots and video. It's a great gift for the laptop lover in your life. (Or even yourself!)

 Logitech Quickcam For Notebooks Pro Web Cam

The Logitech Quickcam For Notebooks Pro is an invaluable laptop web cam as it allows you to bring instant messages to life, create and edit videos, capture high-quality photos, and more... no matter where you are. Features an integrated notebook mount that attaches to any notebook computer and folds up for compact storage.

 Xcam2 Wireless Web Cam

The XCam2 is a tiny, powerful wireless web cam that easily installs anywhere around your home. Delivering live COLOR video to your TV and VCR, the XCam2 combines an analog video camera and 2.4-GHz Wireless transmitter into a single ingenious unit!



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