Mini Laptops Comparison - Compare Mini Laptops

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 Mini Laptops Comparison - Intro to Mini Laptops

Before we start our mini laptops comparison, understand that a mini laptop is a small and highly portable computer that still offers most of the features that you need for the basic tasks you perform while computing. The only drawback is that many models do not have a CD or DVD optical drive. Mini laptops were originally designed for those who were seeking low-cost computers that allow them access to basic computing functions. On some models, the option of an external CD or DVD drive is available.

Many people did not think that the low cost and ultra-portable notebooks that Asus launched in 2008 would be a success. But now, most every manufacturer has seen that there is a demand for these ultra-light laptops. Most of them have now launched their own models of what are now tagged as Mini Laptops, Netbooks, or Mini Notebook Computers. Models are currently available from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Samsung, Velocity, Sony, Toshiba, and others.

Many computer users have chosen to buy mini laptops because initially they come at a lower cost which make them more affordable, even during the current downturns in the economy.

 What is a Mini Laptop? Primary Features....

Mini laptops are very light. There are quite a number of them that weigh less than two pounds. Most come with an LCD of between 7 and 10 inches; similar to portable DVD players. The Linux operating system equipped models come with a small, ultra-fast, solid-state drive (SSD). This is basically a large flash memory chip that contributes greatly to the lightweight properties of some mini laptops.

An SSD drive in a mini laptop also extends battery life. Some mini laptops batteries can last up to seven hours after being charged. That's a great asset for road warriors and those who spend a considerable amount of time flying from one business meeting to the next. Webmisterio: fantasmas, ovnis, historias de miedo, fotos de fantasmas, espiritismo y poltergeist.

In order to browse the internet, mini laptops come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that is B/G network compatible. This is a standard feature with most all mini laptops. In addition, there are usually a microphone and headphone jack and a webcam on most models. They are equipped with USB ports and many even feature a SD flash card reader.

Some mini laptops are equipped with Open Office Suite, similar to Microsoft Office, which features a word processor, a spread sheet program, and a presentation application. The Open Office Suite is a free productivity suite that is cross-compatible with Microsoft Office.

 What Can You Do With A Mini Laptop? Cost?

Basically, you can do almost all the things that you can do on a standard computer. You can browse the Internet, send and receive emails, and also play games that are not 3-D related. We will cover all the specifications in our mini laptop reviews.

A mini laptop with an Windows XP operating system, a ten inch LCD, 160GB drive, 1GB ram and an SD card reader average around $390. There are some models that come with additional features at a higher price.

If you do not like thumb typing on a cell phone or a personal digital assistant, the mini laptop is what you should be considering. As you will discover in our mini laptop comparison, not all mini laptops are created equal.....

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Mini Laptops Comparison - Compare Mini Laptops

Before we start our mini laptops comparison, understand that a mini laptop is a small and highly portable computer that still offers most of the features that





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