Sager Gaming Laptop - The Fastest Laptop in The World

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Fastest Sager Gaming Laptop Sager Gaming Laptop - NP8120

With an impressive system that uses SLI technology and a dynamic NVIDIA the GeForce GTX 285M, this Sager gaming laptop is touted as being the "fastest gaming notebook" among 18-inch models. Its combined power and processors make for speeds and capabilities that are a whole new experience altogether.

Boasting a luminous 18.4" HD widescreen display, the Sager NP8120's futuristic design evokes a sophistication that is unlike other customizable gaming laptops. A customizable lighting array is available in a range of 7 colors.

Transition effects span 3 different zones, including the front and rear vent panels as well as the Sager logo. Its seamless and luminous Touch Sensor control panel is buttonless, a glassy panel that is truly an aesthetic pleasure to look at and use. Providing maximum control, the luminous Touch Sensor enables usability of the camera, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Volume Control all with a single touch.

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Sager power processor. The Intel Core i7 mobile processor is at the heart of the NP8120's high-intensity gaming experience. Serious gamers will appreciate its high-performance graphics and revolutionary new gaming capacities. The mobile processor enables the machine for extremely realistic games, digital media, and multi-threaded digital media applications. For those who are serious about their hardware, this processor will surely take their digital media and gaming experiences to a whole new level.

Stunning visuals and graphics. Graphics power is souped up to immense proportions with the NP8120. Featuring two of the fastest notebook graphics processors in one system, you can expect gaming power that's double the capacity, all with scalability that's over the top and faster than ever frame rates for a visual experience that is no short of stunning. NVIDIA SLI Technology boosts graphic performance for enhanced physical gaming interaction, while realistic and dynamic effects are made possible via NVIDIA physX Technology. Camas para chihuhuas

Furthermore, accelerated performance for demanding system tasks and video transcoding are made possible when NVIDIA CUDA Technology revs up the GPU's processor cores. So even while your video card is on full capacity with tasks, the Sager keeps your gaming in top condition, without all the worries.

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Unique Gaming Buttons. What's your passion? RTS? MMPORPG? FPS? Whichever is your passion, this Sager is completely user-definable, allowing you to gain ultimate control of your gaming with eight unique Gaming Buttons.

Co-Existing Optical Drive and Three Hard Drives. You can enjoy close to unlimited space on the NP8120, now with built-in RAID-enables fault tolerance storage capabilities and an internal optical drive. This incredibly stable mobile data storage facility is designed to give your gaming laptop its most solid performance while maintaining its security.

Luminous Display. The NP8120's impressive 18.4 inch HD widescreen display is optimized for 1920x1080 pixel native resolution, and boasts a spacious viewing and working experience. So whether you're playing a hardcore game, editing a video, watching a Blu-ray DVD or working on business documents, you can depend on the widescreen to give you generous space, theater-like viewing, clear images and crisp colors.

It's the ultimate power package for serious gamers and media vultures. Powered for maximum graphics and effects, and boasting more processor power than ever, this Sager gaming laptop is sure to keep you entertained in more ways than one.

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Sager Gaming Laptop - The Fastest Laptop in The World

With an impressive system that uses SLI technology and a dynamic NVIDIA the GeForce GTX 285M, this Sager gaming laptop is touted as being the 'fastest gaming n





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