Semi-Rugged Laptop Computers and Notebooks

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Semi Rugged Laptop Computers Semi-Rugged Laptop Computers
Rugged Laptop

Semi-rugged notebooks offer additional protection against keyboard spills and hard drive damage.

As the price of laptops falls, and more people carry them everywhere from the coffeeshop to the beach, keyboard spills and other mishaps are happening more frequently. A beverage sitting near a laptop is a recipe for disaster. The list of other accidents includes everything from power-surges to dropped laptops to notebooks being crushed beneath a car.

As a result, some personal computer manufacturers are pushing semi-rugged notebooks that are meant to be drop-proof and spill-proof. Although rugged notebooks have been sold for years to workers in fields such as construction and law enforcement, PC makers including Lenovo (formerly IBM) and Panasonic are now adding durability features for executives and consumers. Despite all the potential damage, semi-rugged laptops aren't for everyone. They're typically more expensive and are heavier than an average laptop.

Laptops with durability features are generally more expensive than other models. While many semi-rugged notenooks start at around $1200, the average cost of a new standard notebook PC is around $984.

Spills aren't the only concern for laptop owners. It's been reported that more than 60% of laptop owners drop their notebooks as opposed to about 50% who report damage due to liquid spills. Other frequent causes of laptop damage are electrical surges and dust damage. Most manufacturer warranties do not cover accidental damage.

Overall, the market for semi-rugged notebooks is growing, though it remains a small portion of the mainstream laptop market. If you're not willing to lay out the cash for a semi-rugged notebook and decide to purchase a mainstream laptop, consider purchasing accidental damage insurance for your notebook. It's much cheaper than paying to get your laptop replaced.

Fujitsu Fujitsu Semi-Rugged Laptops

Fujitsu Computer Systems introduced three new business notebooks this year with spill-resistant keyboards and a specially mounted hard drive that resists shock and vibration. These notebooks are named LifeBooks and start at around $1249.00.

Toshiba Semi-Rugged Laptop Manufacturers

Toshiba Corporation has also launched its Protege M405, a convertible tablet PC for $1699.00 with a spill-resistant keyboard and which can secure the hard drive if the computer is dropped. And Dell has also outfitted its Latitude notebooks with spill-proof keyboards.

Panasonic has also launched its ToughBook CF-74. The ToughBook, for $2999, has a spill-resistant keyboard, magnesium alloy case and a handle making it easier to carry around.

Lenovo Lenovo Semi-Rugged Laptops

Lenovo launched its ThinkPad Z60 notebook to address the needs of accident-prone consumers. At $799.00, the Z60 has a feature called the "Active Protection System". Using a device similar to the one utilized for air bags in cars, the feature automatically detects when a notebook is falling and instantly secures the hard drive. It also features a stiff magnesium frame inside the laptop.

 Recommended Semi-Rugged Laptop Models

Recommended semi-rugged notebook models are listed below.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Z60
  • Panasonic ToughBook CF-74
  • Fujitsu LifeBook models S7110, E8110, E8210
  • Toshiba Protege M405 (Convertible Tablet PC)

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Semi-Rugged Laptop Computers and Notebooks

Semi-rugged notebooks offer additional protection against keyboard spills and hard drive damage. ]]]]>]]> Semi-Rugged Laptop Computers ]]]]>]]> Semi-Rugged L





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