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Laptop Home Page

Compare Different Laptop Computer Styles
Compare different laptop computer styles and learn the pros and cons of each laptop style

Laptop Computer Features Guide
Examine the different feature set options if you're considering a laptop computer purchase now or in the future

Refurbished Laptop Smart Buyers Guide
Refurbished laptop options, things to watch out for, and some tests to run when you get your laptop

Laptop Rating System
Laptop rating system we use for many models from twelve manufacturers with complete specs

Laptop Reviews
Detailed laptop reviews and recommendations on many different laptop models

Apple Computer Laptops
A detailed look at the line of Apple i-Book and Powerbook models in 12-14-15, and 17-inch classifications

Averatec Review
Averatec review of their current series of laptops and Tablet PC models linking to an in-depth laptop review and Averatec laptop rating of each model with complete specifications

HP Laptop Computers
HP laptop computers offer solid performance and innovative style. They offer dependable business and entertainment platforms for a wide variety of users.

 Mini Laptops Comparison

Mini Laptops Comparison
Before we start our mini laptops comparison, understand that a mini laptop is a small and highly portable computer that still offers all the features that you....

Acer Aspire One Mini Laptops
Acer mini laptops are one of the top netbooks currently released. The various mini laptop manufacturers...

Lenovo IdeaPad Review
This Lenovo IdeaPad reviews distinguishes the S10 IdeaPad as a strong contender in the mini laptop market.

MSI Wind Review
MSI Wind review of a very strong contender in the current mini-laptops and netbook computer market.

Toshiba Mini Laptops
Toshiba mini laptops are growing in popularity among those seeking true portability. They offer the longest battery life....

 Best Laptops

Best Business Notebooks
The best business notebooks that offer top-notch performance, security, and durability for a reasonable price.

Best Tablet PC
The best tablet pcs that offer the most versatile portable solutions for true on-the-go computing.

Best Laptops
These best laptops offer a range of power options based on price, from value processors like Intel....

Best Gaming Laptops
The best gaming laptops continue to be ahead of the curve. That's because these systems....

Best Thin & Light
Today's best thin and light laptops strike the perfect balance of performance and portability. Typically....

 Ultraportable Laptop Reviews

Dell Inspiron 700M Notebook Review and Rating
The Inspiron 700M from Dell is fast, easy on the eyes, offers solid battery life, and packs an excellent multimedia feature set

Averatec 3150HW Ultraportable Laptop Review
Averatec review and rating of the 3150HW

Panasonic Toughbook Y2 Ultraportable Computer Review
The Panasonic Toughbook Y2 succeeds in cramming a lot of computer features into a very portable and durable design with incrdible battery life

Toshiba Portege R100
The Toshiba Portege R100 is a near perfect notebook configuration perfectly suited to the needs of the mobile professional

Sony TR3A Vaio Ultraportable Laptop Review
The Sony TR3A Vaio laptop is an envy-inducing travel partner with a bright screen,great software package, and an integrated webcam

Sony Vaio X505/P Ultraportable Notebook
The Sony Vaio X505 is the thinnest, lightest notebook in the world and the first notebook using carbon-fiber for the chassis

 Thin & Light Laptop Reviews

Compaq Presario V2000
The Compaq Presario V2000 is the latest and smallest member of the Compaq Presario family. It's a well-equipped laptop system that provides a lot of mobile computing features for the money

The Gateway M320X Plus Laptop Review
The Gateway M320X Plus is a great choice if you're looking for a powerful, portable laptop at a very reasonable price

HP DV1040US Laptop Review and Rating
The HP DV1040us....HP has done a magnificent job in re-designing how a multimedia notebook should look and function. Review and complete specifications.

IBM T42 ThinkPad Laptop Review and Rating
The IBM T42 ThinkPad is the perfect machine for mobile professionals looking for a top-notch Pentium M laptop at a reasonable price. Complete specifications

Sharp Actius MC22 Laptop Comparison
The Sharp Actius MC22 is as easy on the eyes as on the wallet and provides a decent mix of features and performance

Toshiba Tecra M2 Laptop Review
The Toshiba Tecra M2 is a solid business laptop with a configuration that packs plenty of features inside

M35 S320 Toshiba Laptop Review and Performance Rating
The M35-S320 Toshiba is a low priced system with Intel's Centrino technology that provides mobile power, connectivity, and a great feature set

 Budget Laptop Reviews

Averatec 3225HS Laptop Notebook
The 3225HS Averatec ultraportable give you the mobility you need without compromising on features; all at an affordable price

Apple iBook G4 Laptop Review and Rating
The Apple iBook G4 is office ready, travel friendly, and boasts a very budget loving price

Dell Latitude D500 Comparison
The Dell Latitude Notebook D500 is a great system if you're looking for a thin & light notebook on a budget

Toshiba Satellite A65 Laptop Review
The Toshiba Satellite A65 is perfect for first-time notebook buyers and students on a budget.
Enjoy the speed, performance, and convenience of mobile computing

 Standard Laptop Reviews

Acer Ferrari 3200 Laptop Review
This is what notebook computer dreams are made of

Averatec 6200 Laptop Review
Although it isn't the most powerful or portable laptop you can buy, when you consider the system's long DVD playback, wireless remote control, and very affordable's still a laptop worth considering

Toshiba Satellite A45 Laptop Computer Review
The Toshiba Satellite A45 has a marathon battery life of 5.5 hours and an outstanding design

HP Compaq NC6000 Notebook Review
The HP Compaq NC6000 notebook is one of the new Intel Dothan chipset notebooks that provides great graphics, long battery life, and plenty of speed

5110H Averatec Laptop Review and Rating
The 5110H Averatec notebook is the perfect blend of components for multiple-use applications at an affordable price

Acer Aspire 2003 LMi Laptop
Acer laptop computer review and rating of the 2003LMI

 Multimedia Laptop Reviews

Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501
The Toshiba Qosmio G15: This system has so many terrific multimedia and PC features it's destined to be the perfect mobile entertainment system

Averatec 6130 Laptop Review and Rating
The Averatec 6100 Series offers power, performance, and features that are normally found on much more expensive laptops

The HP Pavilion ZD8000 Multimedia Laptop - Power Plus
The Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZD8000 offers power without compromise, unbelievable graphics, and plenty of speed to satisfy even the most demanding power users

The Dell Inspiron 5160 Laptop Review
The Dell Inspiron 5160 may be plain looking, but it makes quick work of accessing all of your files and multimedia. It's a good desktop replacement at a reasonable price

Fujitsu Lifebook C2310 Laptop Review
The Fujitsu C2310 Lifebook offers a feature-rich productivity machine that's suitable for home or office use as a desktop replacement.

Apple PowerBook M9110 Laptop
Apple's beautiful desktop replacement M9110

Acer Travelmate 8000 Laptop Review and Laptop Rating
The Acer Travelmate 8000 is an extremely powerful laptop and offers just as much as the competition for significantly less. And it won't run out of gas

Toshiba P25-S526 Laptop Review and Rating
Business and gaming performance, buy value, battery life, feature set and complete specs

Compaq Laptops R3050US
A close look at this great machine suitable for desktop replacement Transportar coche de peninsula a canarias

 Tablet PC Reviews

Apple iPad Tablet Review
An iPad tablet review with a focus on the notable features of Apple's latest gem: the iPad.

Fujitsu ST5000D Tablet PC Review
Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC ST5000D review and rating with complete specifications

HP TC1100 Tablet PC
The HP PC Tablet TC1100 is highly-customizable and unique in that you can remove its keyboard in order to use it as a slate style tablet

Averatec 3500 Tablet PC
The Averatec 3500 Tablet PC has a lot to offer for a very fair price. Averatec's convertible Tablet is worth taking a second look

Fujitsu Lifebook T4010 Tablet PC Review
The Fujitsu Lifebook T4010 Tablet PC offers a feature set that's makes for a very capable convertible Tablet PC

Acer C110 Travelmate Tablet PC
The Acer C110 Travelmate is as light and thin a Tablet as you can find. Despite a few limitations, it's worth considering for its compactness alone

Toshiba Tablet PC Portege M205-S810 Review
This Toshiba Tablet PC is fast, light, and it's the only system that's as good a tablet as it is a notebook. Very good graphics and several useful utilities

 Gaming Laptop Reviews

Sager Gaming Laptop
This Sager gaming laptop is touted as the fastest gaming laptop in the world and offers many user friendly features.

Toshiba Qosmio X305
The Toshiba Qosmio X305 offers the build quality and feature sets that will satisfy laptop gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop Computer
The Alienware M17x gaming laptop computer goes for the high-tech style making it look like a serious gaming laptop.

Dell Inspiron XPS Laptop
The Dell Inspiron XPS can be configured to perform a wide variety of tasks, but its core components make it a terrific choice for gaming

Alienware Area51m Extreme Gaming Laptop Review
An awesome gaming laptop can be found in the Alienware Area 51M Extreme

 Wireless Laptop Options

Wireless Internet Laptop
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Guide to Wireless Laptops

Wireless Laptops - An Overview
A look at the useful functionality of wireless laptops

Wireless Travel Router Guide & Buying Tips
A wireless travel router in your pocket can function as a Wi-Fi access point. Great for hotel rooms, offices, and hotspots

Wireless Internet Card Options and Recommendations
Help in choosing the best wireless internet card for your mobile computing needs

Wireless Internet Router Guide and Recommendations
A guide to the best wireless internet router options available today

How to Setup Wireless in Your Home or Office
How to setup wireless in your home or office for the ultimate in mobility

 Laptop Buying Resources

Internet Computer Store Listing
Save hours in the search engines with this list. A detailed listing of Online Computer Stores that carry notebooks, laptop accessories, gifts & gadgets, laptop batteries, laptop memory, carrying cases and more

Cheap New Laptop Information
Cheap new laptop computer buying considerations, sources, and options

Portable Computer Best In Class Models
Portable computer Best In Class models based on performance ratings and feature sets that cover a wide range of portable computer applications for mobile professionals and everyday users

Laptop Computer Buy Options, Sources and Merchant Comparisons
Laptop buy considerations when selecting the right laptop for the greatest savings possible

Laptop Computer Sale Money-Saving Options
Laptop computer sale alternative sources for laptop computer shoppers

Laptop Manufacturers Website Listing
Listing of the major laptop manufacturers websites

 Laptop Gaming Considerations

Laptop Gaming Tips and Options
Some considerations on laptop gaming specs for every gaming laptop user

Best In Class Gaming Laptops
Gaming laptop models today allow you to enjoy playing games without having to remain strapped to a desktop PC. Take a look at these screamers!

Cheap Computer Gaming Options
Cheap computer gaming guide. You don't have to break the bank to get a good gaming machine

 Laptop Essentials for Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing for 2008
Mobile computing extremes are happening now: There's a move towards large-screen systems with built-in TV tuners and other entertainment options on the one hand, and on the other are tiny ultraportables designed for true mobile professionals

Portable Printers
A portable printer in your laptop case will save you time, money,and alot of trips to the copy store. It's a great laptop accessory.

Portable Projectors
Portable projectors, with the right specifications, will enhance any PowerPoint presentation.

Portable Scanners
A portable scanner gives laptop users the ability to digitize documents on the go. Follow these buying tips and get the right scanner.

Best Portable Media Players
Why settle for a straight MP3 player? The best portable media players lets you enjoy hours of recorded TV, a substantial music collection, and thousands of pictures on the run

Portable Laptop Desks
A laptop desk, being both mobile and portable, will increase your comfort and productivity as well as protect you and your laptop investment

Laptop Web Cams
These laptop web cam models offer the best in mobile computing solutions for high-speed videoconferencing and sending e-mails while on the road or at home

Digital Camera Comparison and Buying Tips
Digital cameras are a necessary part of the mobile professionals life these days. Portability and features are important. Take a look at some of the best DigiCam models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and others

USB Portable Hard Drives
USB portable hard drive models have really caught on in the past two years. Fast data transfer rates make these highly portable drives terrific for all kinds of applications

Laptop Carrying Cases
Protect your laptop investment and learn about the many different styles of laptop cases available today

 Laptop How-To Help

Intel Laptop Computer Processors
A look at the current crop of Intel laptop processors and choosing the correct processor for your computing needs.

Laptop Security
Laptop security these days is paramount. Are you a trusting person? You shouldn't be. If you've gone wireless...

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
Replace or upgrade your laptop hard drive the right way

Laptop Computer Memory Installation Guide
Laptop computer memory how-to guide for adding more memory to your laptop

Laptop Computer Battery Guide
Laptop computer battery sources and useage tips to prolong battery life

Free Laptop Driver Updates & Support
Update your laptop driver for free and keep your laptop in tip-top shape

 Laptop Computer Basic 101

Laptop Computer Ports Guide
A guide to laptop computer ports and their use

Laptop Computer LCD Viewing Screens Guide
Info on laptop computer LCD viewing screens

Laptop Computer Terms Glossary
A guide to basic computer terms that will help in expanding your computer knowledge

 Web Business Resources

Web Business Downloads
These are, in my opinion, the best web business resources on the Internet. I highly recommend them.

How To Build An Internet Home Business
If you are considering starting an Internet home-based business or enhance your existing business this page offers the solution plus the statistical proof to back it up. I endorse them highly because it worked for me after trying and failing several times with other online companies. I'm 56 years of age, and I have to tell you, it's a good feeling to have your own successful business.

TheLaptopAuthority Audio Reviews
Monthly helpful tips on laptop maintenance, keeping your notebook trouble-free, and the latest information on current laptop trends.

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Compare Different Laptop Computer StylesCompare different laptop computer styles and learn the pros and cons of each laptop style Laptop Home Page Laptop Home





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