Toshiba Portege M205 Tablet PC Review

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Toshiba Portege Toshiba Portege M205-S810


Toshiba Portege M205-S810 Review: It's the most expensive 12-inch Tablet PC I've reviewed, but Toshiba piles on more amenities and customization options than any other Tablet maker. In addition to the traditional Tablet buttons, the Toshiba M205 has a joystick that can be used as a pointing or scrolling device in most applications, or to call up a "Cross Menu" to access one of several intelligent utility functions. Beyond all the glamour, the Portege M205 has an excellent stylus and very sharp display that work well together.

As a notebook, the Intel Centrino enhanced 1.5GHZ processor really shines. With 512MB of RAM, it will handle demanding applications very well. The 40GB, 5200RPM hard drive is one of the fastest in any Tablet and unlike some slower ultraportables and convertibles, it is seriously productive.

The Portege's LCD display is very bright and clear with an excellent resolution of 1400x1050. It also has a playful side with the Nvidia FX Go5200 graphics card that provides good 3D graphics performance. This model has also won Editor's Choice Awards. Light, fast, and powerful, the Portege can easily satisfy all your computing needs. For the money, this is the best convertible you can buy.

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Toshiba Portege M205-S810 Features/Specifications
  • Classification: Tablet PC (Convertible)
  • Display: 12.1'' XGA (1400x1050)
  • Processor: Pentium M 1.5GHz
  • RAM Memory: 512MB
  • Hard Drive: 60GB (5200 RPM)
  • Optical Drive: No
  • Floppy Drive: No
  • Media Card Slot: Secure Digital
  • Graphics: Nvidia FX Go5200 32MB Dedicated VRAM
  • Audio: Built-In Speakers
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11b
  • Internet Connectivity: 56K Modem + 10/100 Ethernet
  • Battery Life: 3.8 hrs.
  • Operating System: Windows XP Tablet Edition
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • I/O Ports:
  • (1) PC Card slot
  • (1) Integrated Fast Infrared
  • (2) USB 2.0 ports
  • (1) RJ-11 phone jack
  • (1) RJ-45 standard Ethernet jack
  • Microphone, Headphone line-out jacks
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Feature Set:

Graphics Quality:

Connectivity: 3 star review


Battery Life:

Affordability: 3 star review

Overall Score: Modo sobre motocross y mx, mx videos, mx noticias MX Motocross



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