Used Notebook Computers Guide and Recommendations

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Used Notebook Computers Used Computer Notebooks

Used computer notebooks can be a blessing, if you want decent hardware but don’t fancy a big price tag. When it comes to laptops, all of them have one thing in common; they’re expensive. While most manufacturers offer bargain basement machines for under a grand, if you want something a little more powerful you’ll pay a lot of money for the privilege. If the price of a new laptop is beyond your budget then a used notebook could be the answer. There are lots of bargains to be found if you know where to look and what to watch out for.

The primary reason for buying second-hand is to save money, but it can also help you get better hardware. Alternatively, you could use the difference between the new and used computer notebooks prices to buy additional software or peripherals that might otherwise be beyond your budget.

There are definitely bargains to be found, but there are issues to consider as well. Many of the things you take for granted when buying new; warranties, consumer protection laws and so on; don’t necessarily apply to buyers of used computer notebooks, and of course there’s no point in buying a dirt-cheap laptop if it’s obsolete. Let’s take a look at the different sources of used computer notebooks, and how you can make sure you get the right laptop at the right price.

Shopping Tips What You Need To Know Before You Shop

Used computer notebooks are neither cheap or easy to upgrade, so it’s very important that you know exactly what you need. If you only need a laptop for e-mail or word processing, almost any machine will do. On the other hand, video-editing requires the very fastest processors and lots of memory.

When you’re considering a laptop, four things are paramount: the processor, the hard drive, the RAM, and the connectivity. With less than 512MB of RAM, your laptop will struggle to do anything useful, and similarly, a small hard drive will be fine for word processing but inadequate for storing images, gaming, or holding an MP3 collection.

Connectivity matters if you want to use add-on cards such as PC Card modems, and I wouldn’t recommend buying a machine that doesn’t have at least two USB ports. If you plan to use your laptop on a network, an internal Ethernet port is essential. Other forms of connectivity are less common but may matter to you, such as Bluetooth or infrared for connecting your laptop to your mobile phone. However, adding Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is relatively inexpensive thanks to cheap USB adapters. Letras de Graffiti que digan «Te Amo» del 2019

The type of CD drive is another consideration. Adding an external CD-RW drive can be very expensive, so buying a laptop that doesn’t have an integrated CD writer could be a bad move. Alternatively, you may want to watch movies on the go, in which case you should look for a model with a built-in DVD drive. These are all crucial decisions to make before you start searching through the multitude of used computer notebooks. There are plenty of decent used computer notebooks out there with sensible price tags, just know what you need and shop smart.

Action Points Used Computer Notebooks Action Points

Know What You Need
Can you live with a slower processor, a 12 inch viewing screen, or a 40GB hard drive? If the answer is no, then buying an underpowered used notebook may not be a good idea. Decide exactly what specifications you need before you start scouring the refurb merchants or the online auction sites for any used computer notebooks.

Monitor The Market
Fools rush in as the saying goes, but savvy consumers know that used computer notebooks success comes from doing your homework. Spend time comparing the cost of different refurb deals and monitor auction sites to see the going rate for the type of system you’re looking for.
Set a budget and stick to it.

Trust No-One
If something looks to good to be true, it probably is. If someone’s selling a used notebook at a fraction of the going rate, they may just be clueless or in a hurry to get some cash. Then again, they could be trying to off-load a problem used computer notebook model that’s stolen property. Ask a lot of questions. If in doubt, look elsewhere.

Buying Tips Used Computer Notebooks Buying Tips

  • Machines with 512MB are standard, high-end laptops have 1GB or more.
  • Older machines tend to have smaller hard drives (20-40GB).
  • Centrino systems and current generation Macs have excellent battery life. iBooks and PowerBooks are a safe bet battery-wise, but older PC laptops may have limited battery life.
  • Centrino systems have integrated Wi-Fi and PowerBooks have integrated Bluetooth.
  • Centrino systems are everywhere, although cheaper models have Celerons. All current Macs have G4 chips.

Used Notebook Computers Guide and Recommendations

Used computer notebooks can be a blessing, if you want decent hardware but don’t fancy a big price tag. When it comes to laptops, all of them have one thing





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