Why is Keyboard not working? [2021 Guide]

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As you know The keyboard is a primary input device so it is important to care Why is Keyboard not working?. It is the weapon of every computer user. What should you do if your weapon is not working correctly? Without a Keyboard, you can not give instructions to the computer. So that’s why we always say that you should have backup Keyboard may be cheap under 20 to 30$ which helps in this kind of emergency if your Keyboard is not working.

It is a very daunting experience when your Keyboard is not working correctly. For many windows keyboard installed as application software, you can open and click via mouse, but this is a lengthy procedure of typing you should have a handy spare manual with you can travel and as a backup.

Without Keyboard, your troubleshooting process or other functions are minimal. Before fixing the problem, the first important thing is to diagnose the problem. If you don’t diagnose the exact problem, you can not fix the problem. There are several steps and several possibilities through which your keyboard stop working.

There must be 2 kinds of problem one software problem, and the other one is a hardware kind of the problem we should try to give you possible fixing tips

 Note: In some case, your computer or Keyboard spiled by some liquid like water due to some accident or by children quickly off your and put it on some hot place if you on after this may cause a short circuit, so plz avoid this or took it to a professional repairer.

Hardware Reseaon Of Keyboard Not Working Properly

1. Wired Keyboard

If wired Keyboard is not working correctly, then the most chances that wire is cracked from inside. For this purpose press NUM Lock button if the light is ON, then it means current is running under the wire no issue in the wire.

If light indication off then it means there is cracking under the wire buy separate wire cable and change it with old.

2. If some Keys Not Working Properly

Sometimes it happens that all the Keyboard is working correctly but some keys not working correctly. There is some reason for not working these keys, but the main reason for this is dirt due to air pollution. It is not a big problem you can fix it by yourself. Tricity: La scooter de tres ruedas de Yamaha para el 2014

You just put the screwdriver or under the key which is not working and pull up the button opens and clean it b spirit or patrol and your keyboards all the keys start working correctly.

3. If Wireless Keyboard

If you’re wireless Keyboard not working correctly then first check carefully that you On the switch. Most of the users in a hurry forgot to On the Switch. In wireless keyboards, you know batteries and adapters are used.

First, check that battery is charged if charged still not working it means the battery of your keyboard has died. Number 3 check that the keyboard pairing with your pc if yes then it means keyboard creating signals. If not, you should take it to a professional repairer.

4. USB Port

If you use the USB port keyboard, then some time this issue may possible. Some times there is rust in USB port stop working due to rust by air, and it does not carry current. So, in that case, you should try to change the USB port and connect the Keyboard in another port.

5. Check Connection 

You should check that you connect your Keyboard properly. Some time people connect unconsciously through this wire is loose and not work correctly so plz check that you connect the wire appropriately.

6. PS2 Keyboard

if you are a user of PS / 2 keyboard, try another PS / 2(mouse port and keyboard port is called PS/2) (if you have access to one) in the same port. If you connect a recognized work keyboard to a PS / 2 computer port and it does not work, the PS / 2 hardware may have failed.

If so, the motherboard itself may need to be replaced to fix the problem resolution. If you have USB ports on your computer, try a USB keyboard instead they have high speed and strong stability.

These all are the possible keyboard issues of the Keyboard and way to fix them but the issue of the Keyboard with windows and not proper drivers we will discuss them.

How To Fix Keyboard Not Working On The Window 10,8,7?

1st Step?

If your Keyboard is not working on windows 10,9,7 due to some updates or driver issues, follow these steps.

  • If you can not log in to your PC, Click on the ease of access button and then click on the on-screen keyboard. Write your Pcs password on login to your Pc.
  • Click on the start window and then click on the settings button.
  • Click on Ease of Access and go to the Keyboard Section.
  • Enable your screen Keyboard first option.
  • Close the Settings Window.
  • Open Start bar and write a device manager in the via clicking on the Keyboard by mouse.

2nd Step?

  • Open Your Device Manager
  • Right-click on the Keyboard and click on the updated driver.
  • Select Browse My computer for driver software. 
  • Select let me picthe list of drivers 2nd option. 
  • Select the PS2 keyboard and click On Next.
  • Press Yes To Restart

It takes 2 minutes to restart and It works, but if off chance it did not work apply 2nd method w

This method works if due to window updates your keyboard stop working.

  • Go to device Manager
  • Select Expand the Keyboard Device and right-click on it, and select 2nd option uninstall the device
  • Press on uninstall
  • Press Yes to restart

3rd Step?

  • Click on the start window and then click on the settings button.
  • Click on Ease of Access and go to the Keyboard Section.
  •  Choose the Filter Keys option and enable it or if enable already and disable it.

4th Step?

  • Go to the search bar and write Task Scheduler.
  • Expand Task scheduler library
  • Then Expand Microsoft option.
  • Then Expand Window
  • Click ON text Service Framework
  • Enable This Option.
  • Press Run
  • Now Restart
  • Go to task Manager
  • Select Option More Details
  • Select Cortana by right click and select option End Task
  • Check On Notepad

These 5 are hundred100% working methods for Why is Keyboard not working? with windows 10,8,7.

Replace The Keyboard?

If these methods not work Then you should replace the Keyboard because these are possible fixation of keyboard problem software and hardware.


Why is Keyboard not working? [2021 Guide]

As you know The keyboard is a primary input device so it is important to care Why is Keyboard not working?. It is the weapon of every computer user. What shoul






Why is Keyboard not working? [2021 Guide]

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