Wireless Internet Router Guide and Recommendations.

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Wireless Internet Router Guide and Recommendations. Wireless Internet Routers

A wireless internet router is the central hub that makes wireless connectivity possible. Laptop users can connect quickly without having to use Ethernet and maintain a strong signal within a 300-foot radius. The first batch of routers used the 802.11b standard, running over the 2.4-GHz band, the same frequency used by many portable phones and microwaves.

In recent months, 802.11g has replaced the original standard, but it's backwards-compatible with 802.11b. Networking companies have figured out how to channel degradation to a minimum, and new technologies such as Atheros' Super G have made 40-Mbps and faster connections a reality.

Another area where we're seeing lots of improvement in wireless internet router design is security. Companies are striving to make enabling WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and other protective measures easy, so you can keep your surfing sessions private. You should download the latest firmware updates from the manufacturers website to ensure you have the highest level of security possible. The updates are free of charge.

D-Link Firmware Updates
NetGear Firmware Updates
LinkSys Firmware Updates

 Best Wireless Internet Router Choices

Looking for speed, but don't want to open up those bits of data flying through the air to prying eyes? These are your best bets.

The LinkSys WRT54GS Broadband Router with Speedbooster has emerged as the best router money can buy because of its great performance and security, and the fact that it won't adversely affect the connection speed of any other wireless networks in your neighborhood. With Broadcom's AfterBurner technology it can deliver 25Mbps throughput and all the way up to 35 Mbps if you use the Linksys WPC54GS PC Card. It has 128-bit WPA encryption for security and helpful parental controls which make this wireless internet router a great choice for small businesses or home use.

Another great choice is the D-Link AirPlus DI-624 Xtreme G 108Mbps Router. Equipped with Atheros' Super G technology, this wireless internet router is one of the fastest routers on the market, clocking in at 20-30 Mbps. Speeds can hit 40 or even 45 Mbps in areas where there is little interference or obstruction from walls or ceilings. For security, the DI-624 supports WPA in conjunction with 802.1x and WPA-PSK protocols, which are two of the most bulletproof security solutions available.

To use the enhanced 802.11g technology, you'll also need the D-Link DWL-G650 PC Card, which allows you to load the latest client software and enable Super G ("Turbo") mode. If you're working in a mixed networking environment Super G may cause problems with other wireless networks, but it will run steady and smooth as long as the router and card both support Super G. The router also comes with four Ethernet ports and one cable/DSL connection.

Our final selection in wireless internet router choices is the Netgear WGT624 108Mbps Firewall Router. Zipping along at the fastest wireless speedogy and puts out 60 Mbps-- as long as you are using the NetGear WG511T PC Card and the latest client software. Just as surprising, the router will maintain a respectable 30 Mbps even if you enable 802.11b backwards compatibility.

The WGT624 does support several firewall and security standards but at this time there isn't a WPA firmware update available. If speed is your primary concern, the NetGear WGT624 is the ideal Wi-Fi networking router.

If security and speed are your primary considerations, I'd recommend the LinkSys WRT54GS or the D-Link DI-624 models. If security is not of paramount importance and you just want speed, go with the NetGear WGT624 wireless internet router with a built-in Firewall.

If you're looking for a great wireless system and want to save a few dollars in the process consider a Wireless Internet Router/PC Card combo. The NetGear 54 Mbps Wireless Internet Router and PC Card Kit offers the speeds of 54 Mbps and the convenience of getting a NETGEAR Wireless Router (WGR614) and Wireless PC Card (WG511) at the same time. 802.11g offers speeds up to five times faster than 802.11b giving the user great wireless range and coverage throughout the home or office. Since both 802.11b and 802.11g share the same frequency (2.4GHz), these products are backwards compatible with existing 802.11b devices, protecting any existing investment.

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Wireless Internet Router Guide and Recommendations.

A wireless internet router is the central hub that makes wireless connectivity possible. Laptop users can connect quickly without having to use Ethernet and ma






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