Wireless Travel Router Guide and Buying Tips

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 Wireless Travel Router Guide

If only you had a wireless travel router in your pocket. If you’re used to the freedom of Wi−Fi, returning to the wired world of a single Ethernet jack when you walk into a hotel or conference room can be discouraging. The plug dictates where your laptop has to be, and forget about sharing an Internet connection or getting multiple notebooks on the local area network through a single socket.

Well, now you can have a wireless travel router in your pocket that functions as a Wi−Fi access point to boot. Relax on your bed in your hotel room while you check e−mail or get everyone in a meeting wirelessly networked and online via a conference room's single Ethernet connection.

Although these miniature travel routers don’t bear much resemblance to their bulky, antenna−wielding, stationary cousins, many travel routers pack virtually all the functionality of full-sized AP/router combos into slim packages that fit comfortably into a pocket or laptop bag. The range may be shorter than a typical wireless router because of their smaller internal antennas, but unless you’re staying in one of the largest penthouse suites around, they’ll provide the coverage you need.

Besides making on−the−go networking easier, most travel routers also make it safer, with built−in firewalls that add an extra layer of security between your laptop and the Internet. Although all Internet−connected laptops should run a software firewall, a hardware stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall in the router itself can block threats from worms before they even get their foot in the door.

 Buying Tip #1

Security Is Key: Make sure the wireless travel router handles all the security protocols you require. All support WEP, but some must be firmware−updated to support the more secure WPA and its advanced authentication, which some corporate users might need for connection to their enterprise networks.

 Buying Tip #2

Power Over USB: Some travel routers can draw power from a laptop’s USB port, at least in client mode, which means there is one less cable for you to stuff in your carry−on bag.

 Buying Tip #3

VPN’s Are Your Friend: A travel router with a VPN passthrough feature allows corporate users to maintain encrypted connections to their office networks. It’s a security feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Wireless Travel Router Guide and Buying Tips

If only you had a wireless travel router in your pocket. If you’re used to the freedom of Wi−Fi, returning to the wired world of a single Ethernet jack whe






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